Tyco Flow Control, a unit of Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE: TYC) has expanded its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Korschenbroich, Germany specializing in flow control products used in the conventional and nuclear power generation industry.

• The expansion includes a new production building which adds an additional 2,400m2 (26,000 sq ft) to the existing facility and houses an advanced automatic storage warehouse system, assembly area, shipping department, new clean room for nuclear valves, and testing area for all products. 

• Tyco has invested more than $25 million into this facility since the commencement of its expansion plan in 2008

• Key improvements through the expansion plan investments include:
  o Improved core machining processes
    5-Axis WFL-Millturn Machining Center which facilitates turning, milling and drilling in one setup to reduce machining time and eliminate costly setup times
    Vertical Lathe Unisign Unicom 6000 for large bodies up to 2 meters in diameter and a maximum height of 1300mm
    Scharmann ALPHA 800S with six pallets for nuclear parts
    Spinner Machining Center U5-2520 which permits complete machining in one setup due to 5-axes, parallel setup and machining, and shuttle machining of different settings.
    Welding Robot System RTI 330 L from IGM for large bodies

  o Larger, restructured assembly room for nuclear valves

  o Improved layout of the manufacturing cell for VA 500 Isolation valves to facilitate reduced lead times and increased production capacity
    Addition of a new machining center DBF 630
    Fastems System – an automated storage system for parts and setup fixtures for machining during unmanned shifts
    Liquid penetrant surface testing integrated into the cell

  o New semi-automated painting booth strategically located to serve both the general assembly area and the VA 500 Isolation Valve manufacturing cell

  o Reorganized shop floor layout to allow a lean flow of material and reduce travel distances of components by more than 50% (e.g. relocation of the Shipping Department from Plant East to the building extension Plant West)

  o Introduction of a new, automated storage warehouse with approximately 1650 storage slots to enable a secure and organized storage of parts prior to assembly (separate areas for conventional and nuclear material) which will reduce the total man-hours needed for stock keeping, picking and kitting by approximately 50%.

• General Machine Shop Facts:
  o Total foot print including the new building: 20,500 m² (220,000 ft²)
  o  4 large drilling centers (up to 5 tons)
  o  7 large machining centers
  o  1 large 5-axis horizontal lathe
  o  Welding shop:
        1100 m² (12,000 sq ft), 2 welding engineers & 18 welders
        220+ valid welder`s qualification and
            performance records for PED & ASME
        330+ welding procedure approval records /
            specifications after PED & ASME Section IX
  o Annual figures:
   5,500 orders with an average lot size of 1.8
   20,000 valves (up to 15 tons)
   230,000 production hours
   50,000 production hours sub-contracted (50 km radius)

• Products:
  o Control Valves
  o Nuclear Valves
  o Safety Valves
  o Isolation Valves
  o Spare Parts
  o On-site Service

• Critical applications:
  o very high temperature (> 700 0C / 1300 oF),
  o very high pressure (> 300 bar / 4,350 PSI)

•  Variety of exotic materials like F91 and F92

•  Highly engineered and customized products (average lot size < 1.8)

•  Multiple certifications: Customer & Industry for conventional and nuclear power plants like ASME N, NV, NPT, UV-stamp, KTA 1401, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

• Applications within POWER plants:
  o Turbine Island
  o Boiler
  o Balance of Plant
  o Primary Circuit of Nuclear Power Plants

• Business:
  o Project business: End user & Engineering companies & Contractors
  o MRO business: spare parts to end customers or distribution
  o Service 

• This facility in Korschenbroich currently employs a total of 552 workers
   o Since January of 2007, TFC has added 127 new employees

About Tyco Flow Control
Tyco Flow Control, a business unit of Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE: TYC), is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of valves and controls, water and environmental systems, and thermal control solutions to vital industries including energy, power, water, mining, chemical, food & beverage, and construction. Tyco Flow Control has more than 15,000 employees in more than 300 locations globally. For more information on Tyco Flow Control, visit www.tycoflowcontrol.com.