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Thielsch Engineering Completes Critical Boiler Assessment Project in Suriname for Alcoa

Cranston, RI (Dec. 7, 2011) Thielsch Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce its completion of a five month international project with Alcoa’s Suriname Aluminum Company, L.L.C. (Suralco). Thielsch was contracted to assess and improve the current power generating units at the Paranam facility. Thielsch engineers provided extensive and specialized nondestructive examinations and metallurgical evaluations to assess the current condition of the critical boiler component(s), high energy piping systems and pressure vessels for the five (5) power generating units at Suralco. 

Thielsch developed and directed onsite weld repairs to areas identified with significant deterioration in order to return the components back to a condition suitable for continued service. With more than 450 onsite metallurgical replications and a laboratory analysis of the removed superheater and furnace tubing, Thielsch provided remaining useful life estimates for the critical components. The procedures and assessments allow Alcoa to make strategic asset decisions related to the operation of the facility.  

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Suriname Aluminum Company, L.L.C. (Suralco) is a division of U.S. headquartered Alcoa, Inc. Alcoa’s presence in Suriname extends back to 1916. The company originally focused on mining bauxite. In 1958, Suralco signed an agreement with the government of Suriname to develop the country’s hydropower and bring the aluminum industry to Suriname. Today, Suralco produces approximately 5,350 metric tons of alumina each day at its Paranam location.  For more information on Suralco, Paranam you may visit Alcoa on the web at