With its transformer oil pump of type Renzmann-PR 200, Kelvion offers an internationally unique combination: it combines long-life, maintenance-free sleeve bearings with a lightweight cast-aluminum case. Until now, investors were forced to choose for the one or the other, and both together were not possible. As a result, the pump combines benefits such as low weight, a temperature application range down to -40 °C, and maintenance-free sleeve bearings that have proved their long service life for decades in other pumps. This propeller pump is designed to support the circulation of insulating oil for radiator cooling: for example, when natural convection does not suffice during startup, or if high ambient temperatures make more intensive cooling necessary. Owing to the large cross-section of the propeller pump, the natural flow is not impeded, even when the pump is not in operation: with the result that a bypass is not necessary.


About Kelvion

Kelvion is a globally active manufacturer of industrial heat exchangers for a highly diversified range of market segments. Since 1920, the company manufactures and markets its products throughout many and various markets – since November of 2015, under the new Kelvion brand. Its particular professional competency, solidly-based expertise, customer proximity, and its extensive product portfolio make Kelvion the partner in the field of heat exchange. With plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, finned-tube heat exchangers, modular cooling tower systems, and refrigeration heat exchangers, the company supports customers in highly diverse global segments: energy; the oil, gas, and chemical industries; marine applications; HVAC and refrigeration; environmental applications; and the food and beverage industries.

Kelvion is a specialist in providing customer-specific products and services and serves its target customers throughout a global sales and production network.

As of December 31, 2015 the company had generated annual sales of approx. €900 million throughout the world and had employed around 4,500 staff at this time.

For more details on Kelvion, please consult www.kelvion.com