Sparta, NJ (October, 2012) ( –Testo Thermal Imaging Software Upgrades – IRSoft 3.1 sp3

Testo Thermal Imaging is excited and proud to announce the availability of their next generation thermal imaging software. We feel providing upgrades to our software so it keeps pace with the additional features built into our imagers, provides the best thermal imaging experience for our customers. These products truly separate Testo from other manufacture’s by providing innovative solutions based on our customer’s needs. This has been the third such free upgrade made available to our customers in the past year alone.

Benefits of IRSoft 3.1 sp3

  • Software is free to all users of Testo Thermal imaging Productsï‚· Backward compatible with all Testo Thermal Imagers
  • No Licensing or upgrade fees

New Reporting Features

  • Word compatible file format – Reports can now be exported in RTF (Rich Text Format)file format in addition to current PDF files.
  • Addition of 12 user customizable data fields – Allowing users to add critical data they prefer to make the reporting feature and format fit their requirements
  • Customizable Reporting Templates – Allows for users to create, save & share report templates specific to their applications

Radiometric Video Capture

  • Fully integrated Radiometric Video Capture when using the Testo 885 & 890 imagers
  • Direct Video Capture Mode
  • Logger Style Video Capture Mode
  • Capture start & stop based on time or temperature events
  • Extended Recording Times

              o 24 hours
              o 5000 frames in Logger Mode

  • Snapshot Feature

              o Snapshot “frame grab” from video into full radiographic still images

  • 15 measurement point tracking

              o Including line profiles

Advanced Memory Management

  • Advanced memory management to insure you are able to open the maximum amount of images that can be supported by the computer system you are using
  • Eliminating system crashes and lost productivity when resources are pushed to limits

For more information and a copy of Testo IRSoft 3.1 sp3 go directly to

Company profile
Testo AG, whose headquarters are in the Upper Black Forest, Germany is one of the leading producers of portable and stationary measurement technology worldwide. The high-tech company offers measurement solutions for, among other things, climate and environmental technology, industrial applications, emission measurement and the monitoring of food quality, and the building trade. The firm invests roughly 10 percent of its annual turnover in Research and Development, making an above-average commitment to future-oriented technology. With 31 subsidiary companies and over 80 distribution partners, the company is represented all over the world, and has a worldwide staff of roughly 2300.

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