This partnership will allow for the development of supporting energy transition technologies and initiatives to make consumption more efficient

Genoa, 30 September 2019 – Today in Genoa, Terna’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Luigi Ferraris and Ansaldo Energia’s Chief Executive Officer Giuseppe Zampini signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to identify, assess and implement joint research, development and innovation initiatives in the energy sector.

The objective of the agreement is to set up working groups dedicated to adapting the electricity system for a future that is increasingly interconnected, decarbonised and renewable. Terna and Ansaldo Energia will share their respective technical knowledge and skills to work in synergy to tackle the new challenges imposed by the energy transition. The Memorandum of Understanding, in particular, will be divided into three areas: research and development of technologies to support the transition, collaboration on international projects and the launch of initiatives in the field of energy efficiency.

Specifically, the agreement will focus on the following business areas:

  • improvement of traditional electricity system technologies;
  • the study and analysis of new technologies to support the energy transition;
  • the identification of joint development opportunities in international markets;
  • the launch of initiatives in the field of energy efficiency.

I am very satisfied with this agreement, which represents a further step forward in fostering the ongoing energy transition process. In this phase of profound change, it is important to share our respective resources and skills to guarantee Italy an increasingly secure, efficient and sustainable electricity system. This synergy with Ansaldo Energia is fully consistent with the strategic path taken by Terna, that makes innovation one of the pillars of its own development and that of the country”, stated Luigi Ferraris, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Terna.

This agreement allows Ansaldo Energia to make its experience available in solutions, products and services to support network management and the country’s energy transition. It will allow for improvement in the quality of the service, in particular, in the areas rich in renewables and in the areas with lower reserves, such as the islands, offering the possibility of exporting the model to other markets rich in renewables by combining Terna’s expertise in network management with the Ansaldo Energia product”, stated Giuseppe Zampini, the Chief Executive Officer of Ansaldo Energia.

The Terna Group is a large electricity grid operator which manages the Italian high voltage transmission grid, with over 74,000 km of lines. Terna’s role is to guarantee the safe, quality, efficient operation of the national electricity grid and a level playing-field for access by all market players. Terna is at the centre of the energy transition process towards complete decarbonisation and the full integration of energy produced from renewable sources into the grid. For more information

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