Durham, N.C. (April 15, 2021) — Strata Clean Energy, LLC (Strata), a leading provider of utility-scale solar and battery-energy-storage systems, is announcing its new name, Strata Clean Energy. The rebrand represents the company’s commitment to the proliferation of clean energy products by providing more safe and reliable renewable energy options – especially for large, utility scale energy consumers.

Strata, a market-leader in utility-scale solar and battery-energy-storage systems, has 400+ employees and has installed over 2.5 GW installed capacity over the past 10+ years. The rebranded company plans to remain committed to the solar market.

“We are continuing to pursue alternative forms of renewable and clean technology that support utility-scale clean energy generation,” said Strata CEO, Markus William.

The company’s ongoing mission is to create opportunities for clean and renewable energy and will continue to evolve and develop new alternative forms of renewable and clean technology for the market.

The new name represents a major milestone in the company’s history and highlights its commitment to a clean energy future. Strata has already been a major contributor in the clean energy market – including last year’s development of one of the largest standalone battery storage projects in the United States, the Ventura Energy Storage grid-scale battery. Strata is also a national leader in utility-scale solar developments.

Strata recently announced its partnership with Blackstone Credit and its affiliates to provide Strata with $150 million of capital to fund development, construction and ownership of utility scale solar storage assets across North America.

Learn more about Blackstone Credit here.

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