AUSTIN, TexasAug. 7, 2018 — SparkCognition, a global artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced its collaboration with Siemens to deploy SparkCognition’s AI solutions on MindSphere, the Internet of Things (IoT) operating system from Siemens. SparkCognition is also joining the global MindSphere Partner Program, which will further enable them to enhance operations for companies in the Industrial IoT (IIoT) market.

“SparkCognition is dedicated to accelerating business strategies with the advanced capabilities our solutions offer,” said Tina Thibodeau, SparkCognition’s VP of Strategic Alliances. “Partnering with Siemens and joining the MindSphere Partner Program will allow SparkCognition to enhance this mission and amplify applications in Industry 4.0.”

Designed for IIoT organizations, MindSphere is an open, cloud-based platform that can connect to nearly any machine across the globe. As a leading app development environment, MindSphere also allows its customers to build, scale, and deploy customized apps that turn data into valuable insights and optimize productions.

“SparkCognition is building world-leading artificial intelligence systems that are not only improving industrial productivity and operations, but are also delivering tremendous value to the industrial market,” said Paul Kaeley, SVP of Global Partner Ecosystem at Siemens PLM Software. “Adding its solutions to the MindSphere ecosystem will enable both SparkCognition and Siemens to address the critical needs of industrial organizations and further provide value to our customers.”

SparkCognition’s AI systems help its customers drive digital transformation and activation with its proprietary machine learning solutions. By offering its solutions to the cloud-based platform, SparkCognition’s collaboration with Siemens adds artificial intelligence to the wide range of advanced capabilities available on MindSphere.