ATLANTA, April 17, 2012 –Siemens today announced that its latest version of i-3 Control Technology V2™ lighting control system is available for purchase. Siemens’ i-3 V2 is an excellent, cost-effective lighting control system that reduces energy costs and enables users to control light based on schedules, sensors and inputs. The system—designed for commercial use—is robust, flexible, easy to use and takes up a small footprint.

The system controller features a color touch screen panel, which greatly simplifies user control, monitoring and programming. The controller can be programmed using the touch screen or via USB flash drive, enabling remote programming of the system. This feature enables engineers not on site to program the system or update the controller’s firmware.

“No other company offers this type of circuit breaker-based lighting control system with touch screen control,” says Marcelo Banderas, lighting controls product manager, Low and Medium Voltage division, Siemens Infrastructure & Cities. “Easy installation saves customers labor costs while the modular design of i-3 V2 saves on maintenance and allows the lighting control system to grow according to users’ future expansion needs.”

The i-3 V2 lighting controls system is built in standard Siemens P1 panelboards with 18, 30 or 42 circuit sizes, and can have as few as one controlled circuit; all other circuits within can either be controlled or not controlled. The controlled circuits use a standard Siemens BQD breaker attached to the patented Siemens Control POD heavy duty contactor (Sipod), simplifying spare parts through the use of standard breakers and allowing flexible reconfiguration. The Sipods are rated for 500,000 operations at full load.

A variety of inputs can be used because all controllers have 20 two-wire digital inputs (dry or wet contacts), two 0-10 VDC analog inputs and two 0-10 VDC analog outputs. Up to eight panels, one system controller and seven I/O controllers can be networked as a standalone system with no additional hardware or software. Currently i-3 V2 controllers can be networked with Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP building automation systems; BACnet networking capabilities are planned for future use.

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