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Power Plant Data Management to Expand With Structural Integrity Associates’ Acquiring TubeTrack from Burns and Associates Engineers

December 26, 2012- San Jose, CA, USA – As a global leader providing innovative solutions to the power generation industry for nearly three decades, Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI) announced the acquisition of TubeTrack, an electronic tracking program for boiler tubes, from Burns and Associates Engineers (BAE).

Structural Integrity’s acquisition of TubeTrack paves the way for continuing updates and innovation to this software that has been used by a large number of fossil power plants for more than 20 years. Historically, the TubeTrack software focused on data management for boiler tubing but this transaction will allow functionality to expand to a wider array of power plant components, including high-energy piping and balance of plant systems, with expanded capability for data analytics to facilitate condition assessment and asset management programs.

Data and information management is a corner stone of an effective critical component management program. Leveraging the technical expertise of some of the industry’s foremost engineering experts in the prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures, Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. will offer a scalable data management system coming in 2013 combining a graphical user interface with state-of-the-art data management and analytics. The updated system will take advantage of modern web-based technology and database solutions to enhance usability, and utility, of the software to drive better data management and asset optimization.

“Structural Integrity and BAE have similar values that focus on customer service and technical innovation. We are pleased to be able to continue supporting TubeTrack clients while pursuing further innovation in data management solutions”, commented Laney Bisbee, President of Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. “This acquisition will have strategic benefits for our entire customer base.”

“This transaction will provide quality long-term support as well as timely software upgrades in response to technological developments and industry changes,” said Ian Perrin, Vice President of Fossil and Combined Cycle Plant Services at Structural Integrity. “Our vision for a robust, industry leading, data management program will result in the next generation of solutions for condition assessment and asset management.”

“We are very pleased to have SI take over the TubeTrack software,” said Steve Swancer, General Partner at Burns and Associates Engineers. “This will bring additional resources and insight to secure the future of TubeTrack and enable further development to provide industry leading data management solutions.”

About Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.
Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI) is an internationally recognized leader in prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Structural Integrity serves clients worldwide with a dozen branch offices throughout the United States and Canada, as well as affiliates in China, Japan, Korea and Spain. Structural Integrity has extensive experience and leadership in the Energy Industry related to Fossil Plant Services, Combined Cycle Plant Services, Boilers and High Energy Piping.

About Burns and Associates Engineers

Burns and Associates Engineers (BAE) is an engineering consulting company providing services to the electric power industry since 1985. The main product, TubeTrack, is in use at over 200 boilers throughout the USA and Canada.

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