PIC Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Spanish-language version of its website, www.picworld.com. Visitors can switch between English and Spanish by selecting the language tab at the top of the website.

During the past few years, PIC has experienced significant international growth. With four Latin American branches, this area of the world has become a particular focal point for PIC. According to PIC’s Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Grzech, creating a targeted website as well as other Spanish collateral materials is the natural next step in marketing PIC’s services to this growing market. PIC’s current Latin American offices can be found in Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

PIC’s future plans include opening more offices and continuing to expand its service lines around the globe.

PIC Group, Inc. is a global power generation service provider. PIC’s comprehensive portfolio of services supports all aspects of power project development including start-up and commissioning, installation, operations and maintenance, outage, documentation and training, and project support. As of March 2008, PIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Group, a publicly listed company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with $41.1 billion in revenue. For more information on PIC Group, Inc. or Marubeni Group, visit www.picworld.com or www.marubeni.com.