OVERLAND PARK, Kan., March 14, 2022 – The Gas Turbine Filtration Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its clearcurrent® filtration solution. Since it was first introduced one decade ago, clearcurrent continues to provide customers in the power generation industry with improved gas turbine performance and has achieved a vast global installed base.

“Our clearcurrent filtration was developed 10 years ago to meet the diverse and unique demands of maintaining gas turbine performance. It protects turbines from harmful contamination to ensure predictable, reliable performance, optimized output power and reduced heat rate,” said Tim Nicholas, power generation market manager, Gas Turbine Filtration Division. “Of course, we have continued to develop and refine clearcurrent products to match the advances of gas turbine technology and to protect the performance of these increasingly efficient and precisely engineered machines.”

The value of the clearcurrent range comes from the real-world benefits it gives to operators. With reduced offline washes, increased turbine availability and the assurance of no unexpected shutdowns due to sudden pressure spikes, clearcurrent filters provide clear value and return on investment for customers.

Nicholas continued, “Rather than relying solely on laboratory testing and ‘on paper’ specifications, our filtration solutions are designed based on the unique challenges of each installation. They are assessed against the specific gas turbine’s performance as opposed to relying on industry standard filtration performance. The filters are tailored to manage environments with high volumes of dust, moisture and contaminants such as salt, which is particularly perilous to turbine performance and reliability. Our advanced testing procedures consider a full range of environmental factors to account for even the worst possible conditions.”

The return on investment of a filtration solution comes from protecting gas turbine efficiency levels, lowering through life differential pressure, prolonging turbine life, increasing availability and reducing maintenance overheads to minimize total lifecycle costs.

The latest, most efficient gas turbines give power plants net efficiencies of more than 60% when run in combined cycle mode. These machines generate significantly more power, and their efficiency allows plants to increase output and reduce emissions. Any compromise in the filtration effectiveness therefore comes at a high cost. The newest products in the clearcurrent range, ‘clearcurrent ASSURE’, were specifically designed to protect the efficiency of these turbines and have been tested to extreme levels to ensure rapid investment payback.

Nicholas concluded, “After 10 years, our customers continue to be extremely satisfied with clearcurrent filtration products. This is a testament to their performance and the work Parker undertakes to ensure our solutions meet the needs of advancing technology and preserve increased power plant efficiency.”

Learn more about the clearcurrent™ ASSURE filters at www.parker.com/gtf.

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