GL, the world’s largest resource of independent energy experts and certification body, has launched WindFarmer: Analyst, its new software tool designed for optimised wind resource assessments.


The software provides an intuitive step-by-step approach to calculating the potential energy yield of a wind farm project, delivering increased calculation transparency and accuracy. The new wind resource assessment and analysis tool, is built on the experience of conducting “bankable” energy production assessments on over 200,000 MW worth of wind farm projects globally.


A significant feature of WindFarmer: Analyst is the ability to extend and automate its functionality through a built-in scripting interface. Scripting is a revolutionary new feature that is not currently available on the market. The interface is bespoke and customizable, allowing for a wind farm analysis to be written and then updated at the click of a button. Scripts offer a traceable method of performing an analysis, thus reducing errors and making results repeatable. The scripting integration with existing processes and systems can boost efficiency and reduce errors. This provides more flexibility, room for innovation, and integration with customer processes.


Furthermore, the software tool provides the user with a step-by-step guide through the energy calculation method. The increased transparency enables users to demonstrate how wind energy assessment calculations are obtained, providing the required insight to adjust inputs and get more accurate outputs, enables users to achieve greater accuracy on viable projects, increase project assurance and secure project financing.


Prajeev Rasiah, Executive Vice President Northern Europe, Middle East & Africa at DNV GL – Energy, said “Understanding our customers was critical when building a software tool that optimally assists their working environment. The new tool places the user at the centre of wind farm creation and energy assessment production. Our Project Development teams have been supporting the development of wind farms around the world for over 30 years. WindFarmer: Analyst draws on DNV GL’s longstanding experience and provides customers with increased annual energy prediction accuracy for any proposed wind farm, and this is a key result for financing wind farm project developments.”