What’s New? The Nuclear Energy Institute launched its “See the Light” ad campaign, which speaks to the critical role nuclear energy plays in our carbon-free future. With eye-catching bursts of light illuminating a dark room, the ad emphasizes that a brighter future must be powered by a diverse energy system championed by wind, solar and nuclear.

Fast Facts:

  • The new ad addresses broader issues around the need to increase investments in carbon-free technologies, while also committing to more nuclear energy alongside wind and solar.
  • The “See the Light” campaign will appear primarily inside the Beltway on digital and social media platforms. The campaign’s paid media strategy aims to share the ad’s compelling visuals and connect how we power our daily lives and address the climate crisis.
  • NEI’s creative advertising and media buying are consolidated under Bully Pulpit Interactive (BPI).

What Maria Korsnick, president and chief executive officer of NEI, has to say: “Our new ‘See the Light’ campaign demonstrates that we are at a pivotal moment—thinking differently about the best way to reach a carbon-free future. To make this future a reality, it will require policymakers and the private sector to increase investments and support policies that position nuclear as the backbone of our energy future. Nuclear energy, paired with wind and solar, can be the source that powers us to a brighter future—helping us meet the challenges of electricity production, job creation and decarbonizing our economy.”

Big Picture: The ad campaign mirrors increasing attention for solutions to address the climate crisis along with the funding necessary to meet climate goals. Policymakers and the private sector are taking steps to invest in that future—making nuclear energy a key element of these efforts.

This year, the Biden administration proposed a record-high budget proposal of $1.9 billion for nuclear programs and has pledged to bring carbon emissions from electricity generation close to zero by 2035. Congress has also introduced several proposals to support nuclear plants, demonstrating the strong bipartisan support for nuclear as a source of reliable carbon-free power that can power the grid while also generating clean hydrogen and providing well-paying, long term jobs. And in the private sector, utilities are making bold commitments to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 or sooner—viewing nuclear energy as a key element to reaching their commitments.