Munich, 19 March, 2018 – MTU Aero Engines AG launches a new brand to improve transparency in services for gas turbine customers. The new brand is called MTU Power and consolidates the existing gas turbine engineering, manufacturing and aftermarket expertise and services from the business units Aero Solutions, Brush Seals and MTU Maintenance at MTU. The overall aim is to harmonize the extensive experience, in-depth knowledge and creative, never-give-up mentality within the company and bring its services even closer to the customer.

MTU Power was launched today at the Western Turbine Users, Inc. (WTUI) in Palm Springs, California, the largest General Electric aero-derivative LM series conference and gathering worldwide. “The WTUI was an obvious choice for the launch, as it is where users, manufacturers and suppliers come together to discuss technical, operations and maintenance information,” says Michael Schreyögg, Chief Program Officer, MTU Aero Engines AG. “The conference focuses on improving the reliability and economic viability of GE LM series power facilities, something MTU Power’s engine experts work hard to achieve every day.”

MTU has wide-ranging capabilities within the industrial gas turbine sector – from research and development to manufacturing and certification. At the WTUI, the focus is on the aftermarket, where MTU with its brand MTU Power is the largest independent provider for flexible and cost-efficient maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions for GE LM2500, LM5000 and LM6000 turbines and their packages. MTU Power, previously working as part of MTU Maintenance, has carried out more than 1,300 LM shop visits in its over 36-year history. Of all licensed depots, MTU has under its brand MTU Power the widest range of GE LM sub systems in its portfolio (47) and tests under real load conditions.

Engineering, design and manufacturing

The business unit known as Aero Solutions is specialized in development, testing, design optimization and manufacturing of turbines and compressors for original equipment manufacturers. Aero Solutions markets MTU’s engineering and manufacturing facilities to third party customers, allowing them to benefit from industry leading experts and cutting edge technological expertise in their own projects. Aero Solutions will also become part of the MTU Power brand.

In addition, MTU has a dedicated, and world-leading brush seals team that has been developing innovative turbomachine seals for over thirty years. The unit will also belong to the range of services offered under the brand MTU Power. Brush seals are made up of thousands of thin bristles fixed together using core wire and a clamping tube to form a flexible seal. This method greatly outperforms conventional sealing systems, such as labyrinth seals. MTU has established itself as a global leader in the field. Brush seals are used, for instance, in bearing chambers, shafts, inter stages, balance pistons,  and as static seals in gas and steam turbines and compressors – including, more recently, for Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbines, sub-sea compressors and unusual  applications such as Formula 1 race cars and 3-D Selective Laser Melting (SLM) machines.

As part of the MTU Aero Engines Group, MTU Power is at home in the aviation world, where the highest technological and quality standards are the norm. The company group operates a global service network with locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. More than 10,000 employees from over 50 nationalities are dedicated to serving MTU’s customers. The business units mentioned will present as a brand, but continue to operate under their existing legal entities and segments in financial reporting.

About MTU Aero Engines

MTU Aero Engines AG is Germany’s leading engine manufacturer, with core competencies in low-pressure turbines, high-pressure compressors, turbine center frames, manufacturing processes and repair techniques. MTU plays a key role in the new engine market through its partnership in many international development, manufacturing and sales programs, to which it contributes its high-tech components. One third of the global fleet of passenger airliners relies on components supplied by MTU. MTU is one of the world’s top 5 providers of maintenance services for commercial aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. These activities are combined under the roof of MTU Maintenance. In the military sector, MTU Aero Engines is the lead industrial partner for almost every type of engine flown by the German armed forces. MTU operates affiliates around the globe; its corporate headquarters are based in Munich, Germany.