Press Release

MHPS Advanced-Class Gas Turbine Arrives in Mexico Port of Altamira

ALTAMIRA, MEXICO (May 29, 2018) — Iberdrola SA and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) today joined Mexican officials as they welcomed another Advanced-Class Gas Turbine arrival in the bustling Mexican Port of Altimira. The turbine is headed to Iberdrola’s 850-MW power project in El Carmen in northeastern Mexico.

In the past two years, Iberdrola has ordered a total of six MHPS J-Class Gas Turbines and three steam turbines for three power projects in Mexico.  In total, the three combined cycle power plants will provide 2,600 MW of generating capacity, enough to power over 5 million Mexican homes. The highly reliable and efficient MHPS J-Series turbines will produce the most affordable power in Mexico with exceptionally low emissions.

Miguel Vallejo, President and CEO of MHPS de Mexico, attended the event and said, “MHPS is proud to be a key partner with Iberdrola in meeting the growing energy needs of Mexico. This marks the 26th delivery of a J-Class turbine, with every single turbine having been delivered on time, and every turbine meeting or exceeding its performance guarantee. We are totally dedicated to supporting Iberdrola’s project schedule, and providing industry-leading efficiency and reliability for many years to come.”

Iberdrola presented MHPS with its inaugural Global Supplier of the Year Award in November 2016. The award was in recognition of MHPS for its commitment to the customer, technological capabilities and world-class service.”MHPS has the largest installed base of advanced-class gas turbines in the world, and the J-Class turbine is the most popular advanced-class gas turbine in Mexico,” said Paul Browning, President and CEO of MHPS Americas. “As cleaner power from natural gas and renewables continues to be added to the Mexican grid, we’re proud to provide the technology that Iberdrola is using to achieve a Change in Power.”