Bedford, Massachusetts – November 10, 2011 – METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics Division announced availability of the 2300Na sodium analyzer used in pure water treatment and power generation applications.

In the power plant, long-term efficient generation depends on minimizing corrosion and deposition within the steam/water cycle.  As a leader in meeting stringent deionized water quality requirements with other measurements, METTLER TOLEDO Thornton has expanded its portfolio to include sodium measurement, the key parameter for initiating regeneration of cation exchange resin and for assuring water purity.

According to senior product manager and power industry specialist David Gray, “Sodium is responsible for corrosion in high-value turbine blades and other parts of the cycle. Early detection of contamination allows time for planning corrective action before condenser leaks enlarge and serious damage occurs. The design of the METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 2300Na sodium analyzer is based on extensive instrumentation experience and is optimized to handle these measurement challenges.”

Features and Benefits:
•    Fully automatic, unattended calibration assures reliable operation while saving time
•    Reagent addition confirmation by pH to assure consistent measurement results
•    Convenient grab sample measurement for additional samples and quality control checks from other areas of the plant
•    Simultaneous display of sodium, adjusted pH, temperature and calibration progress – provides convenient analyzer and sample status at a glance
•    Choice of enclosures: fully enclosed for plant environments or partially-enclosed with accessible controls for clean sample rooms
•    Four analog outputs for sodium, adjusted pH and temperature with choice of scaling to enable full integration into data acquisition or control systems

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METTLER-TOLEDO Process Analytics Division develops and manufactures instruments and sensors used for liquid process measurement and control in pure and ultrapure water applications, offering measurements of resistivity/conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), total organic carbon (TOC) and flow.  METTLER-TOLEDO Process Analytics division consists of two business units, INGOLD and THORNTON, whose products are commonly used in industries such as

• Microelectronics manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
• Power and steam generation plants
• Brewing, food and beverage production
• Chemical, gas process and refining industries

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