MILWAUKEE (Sept. 28, 2021) – A culmination of 100 years of security expertise, Master Lock has expanded its Bluetooth®-enabled product family with the introduction of its ProSeries® Padlocks. The new high-security padlocks come with a variety of shackle options, durable weather cover and software compatibility, offering businesses enhanced security and cloud-based simplicity for jobsites and facilities of all sizes.

Available to ship now, Master Lock Bluetooth ProSeries Padlocks offer new security and functionality options within the Master Lock Vault Enterprise system, providing businesses the most convenient way to control access, manage assets and improve accountability, while eliminating the cost, security risk and complexity of physical key management. By utilizing Master Lock Vault Enterprise, businesses of all sizes can experience seamless integration with the extended family of Master Lock’s indoor and outdoor padlocks, lock boxes, and door controller for comprehensive security with no incremental credential fees included.

Featuring a numeric 10-digit keypad for improved flexibility, administrators and authorized employees can now gain easy access to locks through manual codes, in addition to access via mobile app. The ProSeries Padlocks also come equipped with a durable weather cover for outdoor use and enhanced weather resistance, as well as three shackle options (standard, long and shrouded shackles) for enhanced security in a variety of commercial applications. The combination of durable materials and flexible access options make the integrated solution Master Lock’s most secure Bluetooth padlock yet.

“At Master Lock, we’re committed to making the most secure solutions that makes facility and jobsite managers’ jobs easier.” said Barron Robertson, director of product management at The Master Lock Company. “With our Bluetooth ProSeries Padlock and Master Lock Vault Enterprise system, businesses can secure and monitor access to expensive equipment and other critical assets from the convenience of their smartphone or web interface. This saves businesses time and money of having to search for and replace equipment, and with no incremental fees to use our cloud-based software, the integrated system delivers a quick and substantial return-on-investment.”

The Bluetooth ProSeries Padlocks provide an all-in-one solution for a variety of businesses looking to keep critical infrastructure and equipment secure. Commercial applications include:

  • Telecom + Utilities – Securing remote sites and facilities responsible for keeping cell towers, power generators and other basic amenities operating. Audit history via Master Lock Vault Enterprise software also facilitates critical infrastructure regulatory compliance.
  • Facilities – Protecting a facility’s perimeter and the expensive equipment inside, as well as controlling employee access via the Master Lock Vault Enterprise app and web interface.
  • Transportation – Safeguarding trailers containing precious cargo or any expensive assets stored in the warehouse, all while ensuring that only authorized users can gain access.
  • Construction – Keeping outdoor jobsite gates and expensive equipment secure from extreme weather damage or potential thieves via Master Lock Vault Enterprise’s access tracking capabilities.

Available online or through select security and locksmith distributors, businesses can learn more about the Master Lock Bluetooth ProSeries Padlocks and the Master Lock Vault Enterprise platform by visiting