Woodruff, SC — Jeffrey Rader Corporation has been awarded a significant contract to supply a complete biomass fuel material handling system to GEMMA Power Systems, LLC for the ETEC Woodville Renewable Power project in Woodville, TX.

The system will be part of a 49.9MW biomass fueled power plant. The plant will provide power to members of several electric cooperatives that are part of East Texas Electric Cooperative (ETEC).  "This is a significant project for the biomass energy industry in the USA and a major project for the Engineered Systems Group at Jeffrey Rader Corporation," said Tony Lubiani, Vice President, Engineered Systems, Jeffrey Rader Corporation.

The material handling system is designed to unload and store just under 3,000 tons per day. 

Because this is a power plant that will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the fuel handling system has to be highly reliable, low maintenance and have a high percentage of availability. The biomass material handling system by Jeffrey Rader Corporation includes truck dumpers, processing equipment, an open stockpile for storage, underpile traveling screw reclaimers, all interconnecting belt conveyors, structures and associated equipment. Delivery of the equipment will begin in April 2013. The power plant is scheduled to complete operation in late 2014.

About Jeffrey Rader Corporation:

Jeffrey Rader Corporation, a division of TerraSource™ Global, is a leader in size reduction and process equipment for the Forest Product Industries, Biomass power and energy generation and plastics/base resin manufacturers. Jeffrey Rader Corporation designs and manufactures material handling systems and equipment to unload, convey, screen and crush many different bulk materials such as wood chips and pellets, biomass, alternative fuels and other recyclables. Its proprietary equipment lines include crushers, wood hogs, pneumatic conveyors, rotary airlocks, screens, chain and screw reclaimers, metering and storage bins and silos.

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