JENBACH, Austria—October 29, 2019—In a digital world, the role of information technology continues to expand, and data centers are at the core of this evolution. Today’s data centers consume about 3% of the total energy generated globally, and the challenge is to deliver that electricity in a more reliable and environmentally sound way. Helping to meet these needs, INNIO Jenbacher* announced today the launch of its new Jenbacher* J620 fast-start natural gas generator for data centers.

The Jenbacher J620 fast-start natural gas generators not only deliver significant advantages for data center backup operations, but they also provide benefits when running parallel to the grid and in island mode. With built-in fuel storage from the highly reliable natural gas grid, data center operators avoid limited run times and generator refueling. Compared to standby diesel-fueled generators, they also offer emissions reductions of up to 90% for nitrous oxide (NOx) and up to 25% for carbon dioxide (CO2), giving users the flexibility of longer run times. Together with the generator’s fast transient response, users can monetize what otherwise would be stranded assets.

“Along with the surge in data center electricity demand, the share of renewable energy is also increasing”, said Carlos Lange, President and CEO at INNIO. “Fast-start resources like our new Jenbacher J620 solution can balance and accommodate the instability of the electric grid and give data center operators the opportunity to better monetize assets.”

The Jenbacher J620 fast-start natural gas generator provides full load under 45 seconds, along with the additional benefits that come with the ability to run on a variety of operating modes. It also offers data center customers proven reliability, reduced emissions and an opportunity to monetize stranded assets when providing benefits to the electric grid.

Reliability – With most of the infrastructure being below ground, the natural gas grid is inherently more reliable than the electric grid for fuel supply to the J620 fast start generator.

Emissions – As compared to standby diesel-fueled generators, the J620 fast-start natural gas generator provides a reduction of up to 90% for NOx and 25% for CO2 making the solution more environmentally friendly and economic. With selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions technologies, NOx—which is frequently the limiting factor for permitting large-scale data centers—can be further reduced. As net global growth in data center electricity continues, these significant emissions reductions provided by natural gas generation will have increasing value for data center operators.

Monetization – Lower emissions can provide greater run times, this allows natural gas generators to become assets. As the electric grid decarbonizes with increasing renewables, there is greater need for fast-start resources to provide balancing and ancillary service solutions. The Jenbacher J620 fast-start natural gas generator can engage in demand response, curtailable tariffs and/or emergency stand by participation, and avoid coincident peak charges. Add in lower, stable natural gas fuel costs, and it is easy to see how significant money can be made by savvy data center operators working in partnership with energy providers