(Somerville, NJ) – Hamon Research-Cottrell has entered into a formal license agreement with J-Power EnTech, Tokyo to market J-Power EnTech’s ReACT technology in North America. ReACT (Regenerative Activated Coke Technology) is an advanced multi-pollutant control technology for highly efficient control of SOx (SO2 and SO3), NOx, mercury and particulate.

ReACT is a commercial technology with numerous industrial and utility installations in Japan; for example, J-Power (Electric Power Development Co.)’s Isogo and Takehara Power Stations and several other full-scale installations in other industries such as steel, petrochemical, waste incinerator, etc. are operating successfully for many years. The emissions from the coal-fired Isogo Power station are at comparable levels to those from natural gas-fired facilities.

Oliver Acheson, COO of Hamon notes, “ReACT is an advanced multi-pollutant control technology for utility power plants that addresses the US market present day needs (regarding SO2-NOx-mercury controls) and anticipates the increasingly stringent emissions and technical requirements that will be necessary for future control of carbon dioxide. Hamon is extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with J-Power EnTech to introduce this technology into the North American market”.

Sosuke Tsuchiya, Executive VP of J-Power EnTech advises,  “In Japan, we have achieved near-zero SO2, NOx and particulates and we feel that ReACT is a very important technology for the sustainable use of coal worldwide. J-Power Isogo Station has been characterized as the world’s cleanest coal-fired power station. Similarly low emissions would be needed if coal is to remain a viable option in power generation”.

ReACT is a regenerative activated coke based technology which produces saleable byproducts and is a dry process that does not require water. The technology should be of special interest to utilities burning lower sulfur western fuels, especially at locations where there are significant water use issues.

J-Power EnTech is a wholly-owned subsidiary of J-Power, Japan’s largest wholesale utility and operator of coal-fired power plants.  J-Power has been a pioneer in the implementation and continuing development of advanced pollution control in Japan.

Hamon Research-Cottrell is a leading provider of air pollution control technology in the United States, having been active for more than 100 years with systems for control of particulate and acid gas emissions. Hamon Research-Cottrell is part of the Hamon Group of companies, headquartered in Mont-St-Guibert, Belgium and providing environmental and energy related technologies.

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J-Power EnTech
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