HERNDON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Greensmith Energy, the leader in energy storage software and services, announced it will partner with E.ON North America to deliver two grid-scale energy storage systems in Texas. Each system will be 9.9 megawatt (MW) short duration energy storage projects using lithium-ion battery technology.

“These projects will benefit from the lessons learned and experience accumulated on our Iron Horse project, which is currently under construction.”

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The projects are designed to provide ancillary services to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) market and will be capable of responding to shifts in power demand more quickly, increasing system reliability and efficiency.

“The battery energy storage systems will be an integral part of the wind farm facilities near Roscoe, Texas, and will be charged from the wind farm,” said Mark Frigo, VP of Energy Storage North America at E.ON. “These projects will benefit from the lessons learned and experience accumulated on our Iron Horse project, which is currently under construction.”

“Our partnership with industry leaders like E.ON to support growing energy storage opportunities across multiple applications and regions, reflects why we continue to work so hard to build and deliver the most advanced energy storage systems and software available today,” said John Jung, President and CEO of Greensmith Energy. “With over 3 GWs of solar and wind generation already installed in the U.S., E.ON is committed to transforming our 20th century electric grid, so naturally, we are honored to be a part of that technology vision.”

The GEMS software platform continues to set industry standards for, performance, flexibility and safety. As the most widely deployed solution in the market today, the GEMS platform is powering some of the world’s largest and most complex energy storage systems.

The Texas Waves projects will be the second and third grid connected lithium-ion battery systems installed by E.ON in North America and are expected to be online by the end of 2017.

About E.ON

E.ON is an international investor owned energy supplier, focusing entirely on energy networks, customer solutions and renewables. In the 2015 financial year, more than 40,000 employees from 90 nations generated sales of around $51 billion. Around 33 million customers purchase gas and electricity from E.ON. Within the global renewables segment E.ON is a leading company. The company has already invested more than $12 billion and operates nearly 5.4 gigawatts of renewable capacity.

About Greensmith Energy:

As the largest provider of energy storage software and integration services, Greensmith’s mission is to make energy storage a fundamental part of a cleaner, more intelligent and distributed energy infrastructure. Now in its fifth generation, Greensmith’s GEMS software platform optimizes the performance of energy storage by lowering costs and maximizing system return on investment throughout life. GEMS is currently used by more than 40 major customers globally. Learn more at www.greensmithenergy.com.


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