• Three 6F.01 gas turbines have started commercial operation at Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Project as of Dec. 9, 2017
  • 200+ 6F turbines have been sold worldwide in 42 countries, with more than 30 in China, and Guilin will be the first use of 6F.01
  • 6F.01 is an ideal choice for gas distributed energy thanks to higher efficiency, leading cogeneration capabilities and economy, as well as local support

GUILIN, CHINA – January 30, 2018 — GE Power (NYSE: GE) announced today that commercial operation was recently achieved on December 9, 2017 for China Huaneng Group’s Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Project (“The Project”) using three of GE’s 6F.01 gas turbines. The Project marks the first 6F.01 gas turbines in operation globally and builds on GE’s already strong 6F gas turbine performance in China, with more than 30 units operating commercially.

Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Project (Courtesy: GE Power)
Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Project (Courtesy: GE Power)

“The Project marks a breakthrough for many, as the first-ever gas power project for the city of Guilin and the first-ever distributed energy project by China Huaneng Group,” said Li Xiaodong, general manger of Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Co. Ltd.  “With GE, we are advancing the city’s smart energy intiatives, supplying high-efficiency and cleaner energy, and supporting the city’s ambition to increase prosperity.”

Guilin, in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is a world-famous tourism destination in China, known for its incredible natural landscape. As it is developing industrially, the city is not only looking for cleaner energy but also a modern and efficient heat supply for many businesses including life science, pharmaceuticals and technology industries.

Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Project (Courtesy: GE Power)
Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Project (Courtesy: GE Power)

Featuring an innovative combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) configuration, the Project will be capable of self-determining its electricity output based on heat demand while also supplying heating and electricity to nearby factories. It is also capable of providing heating and cooling to surrounding public, commercial, and residential-areas. These benefits, centered around the 6F.01 technology, will help the region see more reliable, cost-effective and flexible power for many years.

“China is on the dawn of a major boom in gas distributed energy, and as China’s energy structure and industry landscape evolves, the country is setting requirements on co-generation.” said Yang Dan, vice president of GE and president of GE Power China. “ From design and manufacturing to installation, our global and local teams are joining hands to provide timely, reliable and customizable solutions to make 6F.01 a good fit to the market. With a strong commitment in localization, we will continue to create more value for customers and contribute to a cleaner, safer and more efficient power systems.”

With advanced materials and technologies adopted from GE’s successful H- and F-class gas turbines, the 6F.01 boasts an industry leading combined cycle efficiency of 57 percent and fuel utilization rate of 81.15 percent. The turbine is also the most efficient 50 megawatt (MW) gas technology and has the best heat cogeneration capabilities in its class, making it an ideal choice for gas distributed energy projects and helping to maximize profitability.

GE’s 6F gas turbines have received over 200 orders from 42 countries to date, with more than 30 units sold in China alone. Production for and service of the turbines has been localized, with the flame tubes of the combustion chamber manuctured at Shenyang GE Liming Turbine Components Company, Ltd.,  and repair and maintainance available at  GE’s Qinhuangdao Service Centers.

About Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Co. Ltd.

Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Huaneng Power Inc. (HPI), one of China’s top five power generation groups. It was established by HPI and Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Guilin Sanjin). HPI owns 80 percent of the total shares. Guilin Sanjin owns 20 percent of the total shares. Located in Guilin’s core administrative area, Huaneng Guilin Distributed Energy Project is Huaneng’s first distributed energy program and the largest gas power project in Guangxi to date. With an investment of 1.4 billion RMB, the facility’s core capabilities cover gas and steam power, cogeneration power, as well as heating and cooling. The installed power generating capacity of the combined cycle cogeneration power plant is 210 MW.

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