• Real-time data analysis from 29 gas turbines across multiple locations will increase availability, reduce forced outages and enable proactive, prescriptive maintenance
  • Digitalization to improve availability, efficiency, productivity and flexibility

Siemens will install state-of-the-art Remote Diagnostic Services (RDS) for GAIL (India) Limited covering 29 gas turbines operating across the Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur (HVJ) pipeline and the Vijaipur C2/C3 Plant. The scope includes the supply of RDS hardware, site installation and commissioning including remote Operational Service Desk (OSD) and helpdesk services. The OSD will be accessible 24/7, equipped with machine learning tools and manned by technical experts to provide faster, high quality troubleshooting and guidance for problem resolution.

GAIL is the largest state-owned gas transmission and distribution company in India and plays a pivotal role in meeting the energy needs of the country.

Prashant Jain, Head of Power Generation Services, Siemens Limited in India, said, “Reliable and efficient operations, especially of critical assets, are key to a profitable and sustainable business for gas transmission utilities. Siemens has experience monitoring over 1000 Oil & Gas and industrial rotating equipment across 80 countries using RDS. We take great pride in partnering with GAIL in their quest for enhancing availability, reliability and efficiency.”

Siemens Remote Diagnostics Services enables detailed analysis of actual power plant conditions as well as recommendations for improvements.

Siemens’ RDS solution, part of the Omnivise Digital Services portfolio, combines asset data with OEM industry expertise to deliver information that allows faster and accurate predictive analysis for effective decisions. This enables improved operational planning to increase availability, mitigate risks and optimize operational costs. It comprises a suite of tools and processes that enables Siemens to remotely access and review “real-time” operational and diagnostics data from installed equipment, detect early changes in operational condition through data analysis and provide recommendations.