SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL (Dec. 14, 2020) — Tradener has just commissioned the small hydropower plant Tamboril, located on the São Bartolomeu River in the Brazilian municipality of Cristalina (state of Goiás). The power plant represents a milestone as the company’s first hydropower generation project.

Tamboril is fitted with two power generating units supplied by Voith Hydro, comprised of 7.9-MW Kaplan-S turbines, generators and associated systems. It will generate a total output of 15.8 MW – enough electricity to power more than 30,000 homes with clean, renewable energy.

“A leading supplier in the research, development and manufacture of complete solutions for hydropower plants, as well as a pioneer in the development of technologies such as Viktor Kaplan’s turbine model used in this project, Voith has delivered thousands of Kaplan turbines worldwide. Among them is the world’s most powerful Kaplan unit, with a rated output of 200 MW and a runner diameter of 10.5 meters, with which Voith has set a new record using this turbine type,” says Rodrigo Miranda, Regional Sales Manager at Voith Hydro Brazil. “However, our vision goes far beyond size. We believe in the country’s hydropower potential and especially in harnessing all this potential. That’s why we are continuously developing new solutions and consistently focusing on the small hydropower market,” he underscores.

Voith Hydro supplied the electromechanical equipment (two upstream Kaplan-S turbines, generators, and associated equipment) for both generating units of the Tamboril small hydroelectric plant. Output of Tamboril stands at 15.8 MW. The project is the first hydropower plant built by Tradener in Brazil. Courtesy: Voith

Miranda stresses the importance of small hydropower plants for Brazil. Because they are built close to power consumption centers, they not only dispense with long transmission lines but also contribute to socio-economic development and increase the Brazilian Human Development Index (HDI) of the regions they serve.

“Investing in small hydropower plants is tantamount to a commitment with the environment, because it is a clean and renewable power source. Voith is very proud to participate in this relevant project, but it is even more honored by the trust Tradener has demonstrated in selecting us to supply the next three small hydropower plants in this complex: São Bartolomeu, Gameleira and Salgado,” he concludes.