Austin, Texas (June 29, 2021) — Enverus, a leading global energy data and SaaS technology company, announced today that it has acquired Marginal Unit Inc., a power market analytics firm that helps users understand the past, present and future of the electrical grid. Marginal Unit specializes in congestion analysis, power flow, identifying pricing opportunities and empowering customers to make better investment decisions in the power marketplace.

According to Goldman Sachs, an estimated $16 trillion in capital expenditures will be made related to cleaner energy and renewables through 2030. While massive investments are underway to “electrify everything,” and climate-focused energy policies seek a shift from carbon-intensive fuels to alternative and renewable energies, one of the greatest challenges with modernizing today’s power grid is improving grid congestion and the impact it has on price.

Yet, as the U.S. power grid evolves into a more complex system capable of accepting power from additional intermittent energy sources like wind and solar, power flow patterns are continually changing and affecting prices. This has resulted in a major problem for investors, utilities and customers. In near-real time, Marginal Unit bridges the gap between the market and the physical power systems across all energy sources, renewable or other, that enable electricity to reach its end market.

“Marginal Unit is the market leader in grid congestion and constraint analysis, the primary driver of power prices. Its unique systems allow all types of users, from traders and independent power producers to power marketers, utilities and asset managers, to make more informed decisions and, in the end, improve our energy infrastructure,” said Manuj Nikhanj, president of Enverus. “As Enverus continues to make significant investments in Power & Renewables through targeted acquisitions and organic development, we are rising to the challenge to make sense of a market tormented by disorganized data.”

“Unfortunately, some choices are made blindly, with literal guesses driving decision-making,” said Sylvain Ross, chief algorithms officer and principal at Marginal Unit. “By combining our talented teams, we can be the catalyst for the energy evolution. Our expertise in power flow and congestion, combined with Enverus’ forecasting technology, will allow us to provide unmatched solutions that will create better efficiencies to improve the electric grid.”

Enverus will integrate Marginal Unit’s data systems into its new Power & Renewables software suite. Marginal Unit’s 15 employees will join Enverus’ growing workforce that now exceeds 1,500 worldwide.