Press Release

EnergyHub Acquires Packetized Energy to Extend High-Value Grid Service Capabilities

NEW YORK and VERMONT, March 1, 2022: EnergyHub, the industry-leading provider of distributed energy resource (DER) management solutions (DERMS), announced today that it acquired Packetized Energy, a leading developer of software systems that enable flexible grid services from DERs and provide utilities with deep insight into grid operations. As utilities set aggressive carbon reduction goals and coordinate increasing numbers of grid-edge devices within their systems, they require the next-generation of tools to flexibly manage DERs. Adding Packetized Energy’s technology to EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS enables EnergyHub to provide more sophisticated DER control to utilities and power markets and to offer unprecedented visibility into distribution network operations.

Packetized Energy’s Nimble® platform leverages state-of-the-art algorithms to maximize grid service value from DERs while simultaneously ensuring that customers get the energy they need, when they need it. The platform incorporates fleet-level predictive algorithms that enable load shaping in response to wholesale market signals, carbon prices, renewable availability, or distribution system needs. The Nimble platform also uses data from AMI, SCADA/EMS, micro PMUs, and network models to enable automatic DER response to rapidly changing grid conditions.

“There is a clear trend in DER management toward delivery of grid services requiring more sophisticated load shapes and improved grid integration,” said Seth Frader-Thompson, EnergyHub’s President. “EnergyHub has an unmatched reputation for helping our clients build and manage large virtual power plants, and the acquisition of Packetized Energy accelerates our roadmap in managed charging, multi-DER optimization, and integration with distribution systems. We believe this combination will allow EnergyHub’s clients to be prepared to meet the grid service challenges of tomorrow.”

EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS platform is the most widely deployed grid-edge DERMS in the industry, with over 60 utilities and power markets that aggregate and manage hundreds of thousands of thermostats, electric vehicles, water heaters, energy storage systems, inverters, and commercial & industrial sites as virtual power plants.

Paul Hines, co-founder and CEO of Packetized Energy, joins EnergyHub as Vice President, Power Systems. “Renewables play an increasingly important role in our energy system, creating challenges for the grid,” said Hines. “Packetized Energy’s unique technology enables fleets of DERs to address these challenges by reacting in real-time to rapidly changing grid and market conditions. We’re excited to combine this technology suite with EnergyHub’s extensive DER partner ecosystem and unsurpassed ability to build and manage large fleets of DERs.”

Packetized Energy’s team of engineers, data scientists, and client success professionals have joined EnergyHub’s team and will continue to work out of offices in Burlington, Vermont.

EnergyHub is an independent subsidiary of (NASDAQ: ALRM), the leading platform for the intelligently connected property.