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Dual-Fuel Engines at Core of Bermudian Power Plant Upgrade

Successful bid employs flexible MAN 51/60DF units

MAN Energy Solutions in consortium with Danish power-plant specialist, Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S (BWSC), has won the 100m USD contract to build a 56 MW power plant in Bermuda for Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO). BELCO is Bermuda’s sole supplier of electricity and operates a generating plant, as well as transmission and distribution systems, throughout the island.

The project will see the construction of replacement generation comprising 4 × MAN 51/60DF dual-fuel engines, delivering 56 MW in power, and all associated infrastructure.

The new engines will provide a reliable and fuel-efficient power supply while complying with all the latest and most stringent environmental regulations. They will replace the nine (of 17) aged engines that BELCO are retiring between now and 2020.

Wayne Jones, Chief Sales Officer, MAN Energy Solutions, said: “We’re very happy to have won a competitive bid process and to work once again with BWSC, broadly recognised as a leader within the EPC sector. The dual-fuel technology of the MAN 51/60 DF engine offers the operational flexibility required for such critical infrastructure. BELCO will continue to use fuel oil until a National Fuel Policy has been developed and implemented for Bermuda but rest assured that our engines will generate the required electrical energy with great efficiency and maximum reliability – regardless of fuel choice.”

The engines will be located at BELCO’s existing Pembroke facility with construction estimated to take approximately 18 months. The new plant will contribute significantly to future power demands from Bermuda’s 60,000+ inhabitants.

About BWSC
BWSC is a Danish engineering and contracting company that develops, builds, operates and owns high-performance, engine-based and boiler-based power plants. The majority of the projects are supplied as turnkey plants and BWSC has delivered more than 180 power plants to 53 countries worldwide with a total capacity of more than 3,500 MW.

About MAN Energy Solutions
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