Pilsen / Plock (21. 11. 2017) – A new 70 MW turbine from Pilsen’s manufacturer Doosan Škoda Power provides steam and electricity for one of the largest petrochemical plants in Europe. It was delivered to Poland’s petrochemical giant PKN Orlen on the contractually agreed date of 9. 11. 2017.

The back-pressure bleeding steam turbine in Poland’s Plock is now in full operation. After the necessary tests, which confirmed outstanding technical results, and after the guarantee tests conducted by an independent company, the 70 MW turbine with a generator currently provides electrical energy and steam for one of the largest chemical plants in Europe. With the investment worth hundreds of millions of crowns, the customer has ensured a better quality generation of electrical energy for the chemical plant, and significantly increased availability of their current equipment.

The order, which alongside the supply of the complete machinery also included the building work on the site and the actual outlet of electric power, is ranked timing-wise among the most ambitious in the history of Doosan Škoda Power. Less than two years had passed between the signing of the contract and the final execution which included permission procedures and the necessary trial! The complexity of the commission was amplified by the very nature of the mammoth chemical plant which is characteristically subject to a large number of approval and legislation requirements. The fact that the very tight deadline was not only met but significantly reduced is a great success for the implementation project team. ‘What also helped was that the team comprised of both Czechs and Poles, who were adept at the local conditions,’ revealed Petr Poloček, Doosan Škoda Power’s technical project manager. Complexity of order execution was further amplified by the actual environment of a chemical plant with its specific approval and legislative requirements. In comparison to similar projects, where a number of suppliers take part, Doosan Škoda Power was able to manage and execute the whole demanding project with only a half of people.

Construction of the raft foundation.

Doosan Škoda Power supplied and put into operation a 70 MW back-pressure bleeding steam turbine for the Polish PKN Orlen chemical concern in Plock.

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