Verona, PA (July 10, 2015) In February 2015, the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC) audited Conco’s Eddy Current Testing Division’s Quality Assurance Program in order to qualify them as a supplier. NUPIC is an organization that was formed in 1989 to evaluate suppliers furnishing safety-related components and services and commercial-grade items to nuclear utilities. It includes all the nuclear utility companies in the United States and several international organizations, and it allows these groups to share the cost of supplier audits and maintain an approved suppliers list. Once a company is placed on the NUPIC approved suppliers list, any nuclear utility can use this supplier as long as they approve the audit that was conducted by NUPIC.

In order to be selected for a NUPIC audit, a supplier needs to have at least five customers who are NRC licensees or international nuclear plant operators. Conco currently meets the criteria, and several nuclear utilities have reported in the NUPIC database as using its services. These companies include Pacific Gas and Electric, First Energy, Nebraska Public Power, Southern Company and Detroit Edison. Representatives from these companies participated as part of the February 2015 audit team and approved Conco for safety-related eddy current inspections.

“Having this type of approval allows Conco to perform eddy current inspections on safety-related heat exchangers at any nuclear facility that is a member of NUPIC and accepts the audit report,” says James A. Kocher, Conco’s Director of Emerging Technologies. “The benefit to the nuclear industry is that they now have another qualified service supplier to choose from to respond to their needs.”

Founded in 1923, Conco is the world’s leading provider of condenser and heat exchanger services to the power generation industry with offices located in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.