Auburn, ME/USA, October 2011

Clyde Bergemann Auburn, the air-gas handling division of Clyde Bergemann Power Group Americas, has secured contracts totalling over $20 million to supply equipment and services for new power plants being constructed in Africa and the Middle East.

The company was selected to supply dampers, stacks, silencers and other exhaust system components and services for gas-fired plants in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. These projects will add nearly 4,000 MW power generating capacity in a region that is experiencing tremendous growth in energy demand. The plants are expected to begin operation by the middle of 2013.

“As evidenced by these awards, Clyde Bergemann Auburn‘s reputation for delivering quality technology is recognized globally, and we continue to demonstrate our strengths in a very competitive environment“, said President Fred Koch.

The equipment will be installed in gas-fired combined cycle power plants designed for high efficiency and low carbon emissions. A combined cycle plant, which conducts secondary processing of combustion exhaust by way of a heat recovery steam generator, typically produces approximately 50% more energy thus causing less carbon dioxide and other pollutants than a conventional simple cycle plant generating the same MW.

Clyde Bergemann Auburn’s customers, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies for the projects are based in China and Korea. The company has previously collaborated with the firms on numerous projects around the world.

Commenting on the market outlook, Koch said, “We are now seeing some good activity in our core markets. These orders reflect a strong company-wide effort and intense focus on our markets, customers and opportunities.”

Clyde Bergemann Auburn, is a global engineering company focusing on high performance clean energy solutions for Power, Utility, Petrochemical, and Industrial applications. The company develops and supplies custom designed and fabricated systems including dampers, diverters, expansion joints, stacks and exhaust system components for gas turbine and fossil fired power plants. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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Clyde Bergemann Power Group:
The Clyde Bergemann Power Group is a global acting enterprise supplying systems and solutions for the energy services market.

The Clyde Bergemann Power Group is world market leading in several business fields and is mainly active in the following areas:

– Boiler efficiency solutions
– On-load boiler cleaning systems
– Materials handling systems for fly and bottom ash
– Air Pollution Control
– Air-Gas Handling
– Vacuum belt filter systems for gypsum treatment
– Combustion air systems
– Heat exchanger technology
– Industrial burner and heating systems

Used in fossil fired plants, the technology of Clyde Bergemann makes an important contribution for an optimised, more efficient and low-emission operation and therewith supports clean energy generation.