Atlanta, GA/USA, October 2012- Clyde Bergemann Power Group Americas, Inc. (CBAM), once again provides circulating dry scrubbing (CDS) systems in response to new and pending emissions regulations. The former Environmental Elements Corporation (EEC), acquired by Clyde Bergemann in 2005, was the first to introduce CDS technology to the U.S. power sector and designed and supplied four CDS systems. These units have been operating successfully since 1995.

Clyde Bergemann’s now newly introduced CDS technology features include:

  • Highest capture efficiency for SO2/SO3/HCl/Hg/metals of any dry or semi-dry technology
  • Capable of 50% turndown without requiring clean gas recirculation
  • User friendly technology requires less attention from operators who can focus on other areas of the plant
  • Fewer moving parts translates to lower annual maintenance costs
  • Less than half the size of equivalent spray dryer technology
  • Zero liquid effluent discharge, capable of waste water disposal

“The CDS technology complements the Spray Dry Absorber (SDA) and Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) technologies we are offering and provides the optimum solution to our customers search for acid gas mitigation,” says Huiying Zhuang, Director of APC technology and Product Management for Clyde Bergemann.

“With the addition of CDS technology, Clyde Bergemann Power Group is able to provide boiler operators another option to achieve MATS and Boiler MACT compliance."

Press contact:
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Clyde Bergemann Power Group:

The Clyde Bergemann Power Group is a global acting enterprise supplying systems and solutions for the energy services market. The Clyde Bergemann Power Group is world market leading in several business fields and is mainly active in the following areas:
– Boiler efficiency solutions
– On-load boiler cleaning systems
– Materials handling systems for fly and bottom ash, dry sorbent injection systems
– Air Pollution Control including ESP’s, fabric filters and spray dryers
– Air-Gas Handling including dampers and exhaust stacks
– Vacuum belt filter systems for gypsum treatment
– Combustion air systems
– Heat exchanger technology
– Industrial burner and heating systems

Used in fossil fired plants, the technology of Clyde Bergemann makes an important contribution for an optimised, more efficient and low-emission operation and therewith supports clean energy generation.