Atlanta, GA/USA, October 2012- Clyde Bergemann Atlanta (CBAT), part of Clyde Bergemann Power Group Americas, Inc. (CBAM), announces the release of SMART Controls™ Micro, one of the three new SMART Controls™ product line offerings designed to improve efficiencies in boiler operations for the power and paper industries. SMART Controls™ is an open architecture, centralized management system designed to control boiler cleaning devices using intelligent technology. The result is unmatched operational flexibility and intuitive interface that not only provides greater control over boiler cleaning, but also reduces plant maintenance costs by identifying issues in real time.

“We are very proud of what we have been able to achieve with SMART Controls™ Micro,” says Dominick Garton, Clyde Bergemann Atlanta President/CEO, “We have taken the features of our other SMART Controls products and made them available to those smaller operations that can benefit greatly from a management control system delivering the most features available on the market, at the most cost-effective price. What makes this so incredible for our customers,” he adds, “is that while it is an ideal solution for new installations, it also is the most compatible, economical system to upgrade. We have ensured all our SMART Controls are fully compatible as a replacement for all existing sootblower control systems.”

SMART Controls™ Micro, which joins SMART Controls™ Compact and SMART Controls™ Elite, is ideal for smaller package/industrial boilers with up to 25 sootblowers. The system is designed to support all types and makes of sootblowers including retracts, wallblowers, and air heater cleaners.
“Clyde Bergemann really couldn’t make it any easier on our customers looking to improve their operational efficiency,” Jeremy Richard, Controls & Technology Product Manager at Clyde Bergmann boasts, “This is truly a ‘fix it and forget it’ option for any plant seeking low cost implementation, delivery in just 6-8 weeks, with seamless integration and short learning curves.” Jeremy continues, “What’s more, because SMART Controls™ Micro is a PLC based non-proprietary hardware/software system, it can diagnose and prevent cleaning system issues with the superior feedback and visualization that has been lacking until now.”

SMART Controls™ – Micro provides user flexibility and easy maintenance through several standard features found nowhere else which include:
• 10.4” Touchscreen operator interface
• 5 user configurable sequences
• Automatic time delay sequence operation
• Motor Overload/Current Monitoring & Alarming
• Hardwired signals for basic remote operation
• Header controls for valves, thermal drains, and transmitters (digital & analog) included as standard

PLC based control and open architecture are common features that are included on all three of our SMART Controls™ product offerings. Standard Clyde Bergemann software is included across all three platforms and comprise of both manual and sequential control, all standard interlock and protection protocols, and same base hardware design concepts. Installation, commissioning, and technical support can be provided for the entire SMART Controls™ product line.

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Clyde Bergemann Power Group:

The Clyde Bergemann Power Group is a global acting enterprise supplying systems and solutions for the energy services market. The Clyde Bergemann Power Group is world market leading in several business fields and is mainly active in the following areas:
– Boiler efficiency solutions
– On-load boiler cleaning systems
– Materials handling systems for fly and bottom ash, dry sorbent injection systems
– Air Pollution Control including ESP’s, fabric filters and spray dryers
– Air-Gas Handling including dampers and exhaust stacks
– Vacuum belt filter systems for gypsum treatment
– Combustion air systems
– Heat exchanger technology
– Industrial burner and heating systems

Used in fossil fired plants, the technology of Clyde Bergemann makes an important contribution for an optimised, more efficient and low-emission operation and therewith supports clean energy generation.