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Charah Solutions Awarded Multi-Year Ash Pond Closure Project from Midwest Utility Partner

Ash Pond Closure by Removal Project Includes Dewatering, Excavation, Conditioning and Loadout for Offsite Disposal of 366,000 Cubic Yards of Ponded Coal Ash

LOUISVILLE, KY (October 5, 2022)Charah® Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: CHRA) (“Charah Solutions” or the “Company”), a leading provider of environmental services and byproduct recycling to the power generation industry, today announced that it has been awarded an Ash Pond Closure project from a utility partner in southern Indiana. The project is scheduled to start in mid-October 2022 and is expected to take approximately two years to complete.

The project includes the closure by removal of an approximate 11-acre ash basin that is being retired. The scope of work includes dewatering via a wellpoint system, excavation of approximately 366,000 cubic yards of coal combustion residuals (CCR) from the ash pond, stockpiling and conditioning of the material, and loading for disposal of the CCRs at a designated off-site location. Also included in the project scope is the handling of current ash production outside of the retiring ash basin via the installation of a new lined collection pond system that must first be constructed. The new collection pond will include a lined geotube containment area which will drain into a lined pond area to facilitate solids collection in the geotubes and treatment and eventual discharge of the transport water from the lined pond.

“We are delighted to be awarded this project to meet our utility partner’s specific remediation and compliance service needs, ensuring a well-managed and compliant program from start to finish,” said Scott Sewell, Charah Solutions President & CEO. “Charah Solutions has decades of proven experience and expertise to handle every regulatory, engineering and technical issue related to ash pond closure as well as new ash pond construction. We take pride in our ability to customize each coal ash impoundment project to suit the specific needs of the utility and ensure compliance with all EPA mandated regulations and deadlines.”

As a sustainability leader in utility services for over 35 years, Charah Solutions is dedicated to preserving our natural resources in an environmentally-conscious manner through ash recycling and marketing projects. Sustainability is a core value at Charah Solutions and the Company’s business is focused on developing innovative solutions to complex environmental issues for the betterment of the planet, the communities in which it operates and its customers.

About Charah Solutions, Inc.
With over 35 years of experience, Charah Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of environmental services and byproduct recycling to the power generation industry. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Charah Solutions is the partner of choice for solving customers’ most complex environmental challenges, and as an industry leader in quality, safety, and compliance, the Company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions for a cleaner energy future. Charah Solutions assists utilities and independent power producers with all aspects of sustainably managing and recycling ash byproducts generated from the combustion of coal in the production of electricity. The Company also designs and implements solutions for ash pond management and closure, landfill construction, structural fill projects, power plant remediation and site redevelopment. For more information, please visit or download our 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report at

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