NEW YORK, May 28, 2019 — C2 Energy Capital, LLC, a rapidly growing investor in renewable energy and storage assets, announced today the completion of the largest solar project installed on a landfill in Tennessee. C2 Energy Capital provided financing and support services for the development and construction of the 2.7 MW solar power generation plant located just outside of the City of Somerville, TN. The solar plant was installed on a capped landfill leased from the County of Fayette.

“C2 Energy Capital stepped into a challenging solar project and enabled it to stay on schedule,” said Rhea Taylor, Fayette County Mayor. “Their experience and dedication to working through the complexities of the project were notable.”

Robert Turner, Administrator for the Town of Somerville, said, “Ultimately, our community is proud to be a part of the RE–Powering America’s Land initiative, with counties across the US siting renewable energy projects on unproductive lands and deriving environmental and economic benefits for their communities.”

The power generated from the system will be sold to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement. The Somerville renewable energy plant is projected to generate enough electricity to power 333 homes and offset the same amount of carbon as 46,000 trees.

“Solar facilities installed on landfills are some of the most difficult to construct,” commented Candice Michalowicz, Co-founder and Managing Member of C2 Energy Capital, “Our team’s effort and experience in completing this project turned previously unusable land to a clean, solar power system, a tax-paying property and created jobs. We are very proud to have participated in the effort.”