Press Release

Broad Reach Power enters into definitive agreement with Sungrow for large purchase of battery storage equipment

HOUSTON – August 11, 2021 – Broad Reach Power LLC (“Broad Reach”), an independent power producer based in Houston which owns a 13-gigawatt portfolio of utility-scale solar and energy storage power projects in Montana, California, Wyoming, Utah and Texas, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd for 1,000 MW of energy storage technology to support the construction and operation of six standalone battery storage projects in Texas.

“Broad Reach is committed to investing in and developing energy infrastructure to help support the grid in key markets such as Texas,” said Broad Reach Power’s Managing Partner & Chief Technology Officer, Doug Moorehead. “Broad Reach’s energy storage projects, connected at both distribution voltages and high voltage transmission, are critical in the further growth of solar and wind renewable generation in the US as well as the resiliency and reliability that US grid operators will increasingly demand in the future.”

The equipment was procured under a structured framework, Master Procurement Agreement between Broad Reach and Sungrow that establishes a versatile procurement platform for purchase of both power conversion equipment and battery energy storage products.

“Broad Reach is the US leader in energy storage development and asset buildout. This is one of the largest orders ever placed in the energy storage industry for this equipment and represents a historical inflection point for this globally important and purpose driven ESG-focused industry,” said Mizhi Zhang, Managing Director- ESS business, Americas Region at Sungrow. Zhang also mentioned that approximately 1.8 GWh of Sungrow energy storage turnkey systems utilizing both NCM and LFP technology are expected to be deployed in the US in 2021, facilitating its market share locally and meeting the growing demand as the industry leader.