MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ Bixby Energy Systems, Inc. is entering into the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) with its coal-to-gas technology by establishing a strategic licensing partnership with Green Coal Technologies, Ltd. (http://www.greencoaltech.co.uk/).

Based in London, Green Coal Technologies is a clean energy marketing business, with an initial focus on the marketing of clean energy to the former Soviet republics. As part of this initiative, Green Coal Technologies has appointed Metropol (UK) Limited (http://www.metropol-uk.com/), a leading UK investment bank, to identify prospective clients to license, market and utilize Bixby’s technology throughout the CIS, including Russia and Ukraine. Metropol has extensive contacts and knowledge of the energy sector and is one of the CIS’s largest advisors.

"Metropol UK Limited is a leading investment bank and one of the CIS’s most active UK-based advisers, and its partnership with Green Coal Technologies is a significant step in establishing a foothold for Bixby in that region," said Robert Walker, chairman, CEO and president of Bixby Energy Systems.  "The production of synthetic natural gas from raw coal without burning it means significant industrial and environmental advantage in the CIS. Bixby looks forward to helping companies in the region utilize coal more effectively."

"The Metropol Group is very pleased that it has been selected to spearhead Green Coal and Bixby’s drive into Eastern Europe," commented Natalia Pastukhova, director, Metropol (UK) Ltd.  "The region represents a significant opportunity, as the cost-effective and environmentally friendly production of gas, and ultimately oil, will boost the local economies and allow these countries to develop their full potential."

"Green Coal was specifically established to help Bixby Energy market its revolutionary technology into various world markets utilizing our extensive contacts," added Aidan Bishop, executive director, Green Coal Technologies Ltd.  "We look forward to working with Metropol to develop new opportunities for Bixby in this and other regions around the world." 

The Bixby Process consists of two phases: devolitization and liquefaction.  The devolitization process does not burn coal, but rather superheats it in a closed-loop environment. This produces a high-quality synthetic natural gas that is not achieved in other gas conversion processes.  The remaining by-product of the coal after the devolitization process is a solid, semi-activated carbon material, which can be used in purefaction or when commercialized, in Bixby’s liquefaction process. 

Bixby Energy Systems believes that its technologies offer clean, inexpensive natural gas and will provide oil, derived from one of the world’s most plentiful resources – without the environmental damage generally associated with coal-based energy production.

About Metropol (UK) Ltd.
Metropol (UK) Limited (http://www.metropol-uk.com/) is a London-based affiliate of IFC Metropol, a leading Russian brokerage firm, and part of the Metropol Group of Companies.

About Green Coal Technologies Ltd.
Green Coal Technologies (http://www.greencoaltech.co.uk/) is a specialist clean energy adviser with  links to many of the leading energy providers in Europe, Asia and Africa.

About Bixby Energy Systems
Founded in 2001, Bixby Energy Systems (http://www.bixbyenergy.com/), is a "new energy" company dedicated to finding, developing and commercializing technologies that provide clean, economical, practical and sustainable alternative energy solutions. The cornerstone of the company’s technology is the Bixby Process™, a  revolutionary method of  efficiently converting coal into clean-burning energy. It consists of two phases: devolitization, which produces high-quality synthetic natural gas, and liquefaction, which when commercialized will result in semi-refined light sweet crude oil, which can be further processed into diesel fuel, jet fuel, gasoline, or other fuel products. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, utilities that run on synthetic natural gas produce up to 65 percent fewer carbon emissions compared to those that burn coal.
The Bixby Process is a trademark of Bixby Energy Systems, Inc.