Dubbed the “Analyst’s Release,” ALERT 4.0 offers more analytical power for vibration diagnostics

Woburn, MA – September 20, 2016 – Azima DLI, the leader in scalable, hosted predictive condition monitoring services and innovative products and software, announced today the coming release of its ALERT™ 4.0 predictive maintenance automated vibration diagnostics software.

Designed to meet the best practices of world-class PdM programs, ALERT 4.0’s flexible design is easily scalable and integrates seamlessly with reliability programs of all sizes and geographic diversity. It can be installed on an office PC, embedded on a TRIO™ portable vibration data collector, or accessed remotely over the Internet via a cloud subscription with no software to manage. It is also the core of vibration diagnostics for Azima DLI’s WATCHMAN™ Online Systems and is used by Azima DLI’s machinery experts to perform vibration analysis for WATCHMAN Service customers.

“ALERT 4.0 is truly a powerhouse of analysis features for the technical analyst and field engineer. It arms analysts with advanced tools to view dynamic data and fully understand the historical trends of machinery diagnoses,” said Michael DeMaria, Director of Product Management at Azima DLI. “With more than 50 specific product improvements, these new features are certain to benefit ALERT users.”

ALERT 4.0 is for the serious vibration analyst, delivering new dynamic data visualization that makes navigating complex data more intuitive.

Innovative features of ALERT 4.0 include:

  • All new graphic navigation controls that enhance diagnostic speed and accuracy with more dynamic data views, including peak locator, unit / scaling switching, harmonic and sideband family locators, and test date progression.
  • Powerful auto correlation displays of waveform data and circular waveform plots to greatly empower analysts’ abilities to identify faults.
  • Comprehensive Bode data and Nyquist plots presented in both single and triaxial formats to deliver advanced analysis capabilities.
  • Improved trending of spectral and waveform parameters are now available from waterfall graphs, including spectral peaks or bands or waveform peak, RMS, crest factor, or symmetry parameters.
  • Additional user preferences give analysts more options to display spectral graphs and plots, and the flexibility to express data in units consistent with current practices and programs, such as displaying waveforms as waterfalls, single or double triaxial, or as native, single, or double integrated values.
  • Improved orbit and circular plots displays for enhanced, high resolution vibration analysis, and clearer representations of machine vibration and fault signatures.

“The ALERT 4.0 version represents more than two decades of software and product innovation” said Ken Piety, Vice President of Technology at Azima DLI. “Our team has worked hard to incorporate significant changes to the analysis system that will improve the user experience and overall condition monitoring program effectiveness. We expect that our customers will be delighted with the new capabilities and performance improvements that will directly impact their diagnostic team’s productivity and accuracy.”

First introduced commercially in 1990, the ALERT 4.0 family of software continues its innovative tradition with the release of ExpertALERT™, StandardALERT™ and ViewALERT™. ALERT 4.0 also connects with the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal to support multiple technologies for full integration of PdM programs.

The ALERT 4.0 software is available through download from the Azima DLI Resource Center as a trial or full installation for existing customers. For more details on the installation and upgrade to ALERT 4.0, call Azima DLI customer support at (+1) 206-842-7656, or email Azima DLI at support@azimadli.com .

About Azima DLI

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