ASGCO®’s External Skirtboard/ Wear Liners are an effective and economical upgrade that protects and improves the conveyor skirtboards and sealing system.  These are mounted on the outside of skirtboard allowing for ease of inspection and replacement of liners when required.

Product Features:

•    Improves Sealing – Maintains the correct distance of the external skirtboard/wear liner from the conveyor belt to keep dust and fugitive material from escaping the load zone area.

•    Safe and Simple Installation and Adjustment – The skirtboard/wear liner is mounted outside the existing skirtboard and an adjustable bolt-on system allows for ease of adjustment and safe removal without having to enter the internal area (confined space) of the load zone.

•    Options Available – External skirtboard/wear liners can be manufactured from mild steel, AR 400 or 500 abrasion-resistant plates or stainless steel.

•    Skirting Options – Clampmount™ or Clampmount MDX™ skirting clamps can also be installed on the external skirtboard/wear liners to aid in dust and material control.

•    Internal Liner Options – Added protection is available in Armorite®, X-Wear™ Ceramic or X-Wear™ AR 400 (straight or angled)  that can be welded to the inside of the external skirtboard/wear liner system.


External adjustable bolt-on system allows for ease of adjustment and safe removal.

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