As part of their O&M responsibilities, Asia Gulf Power Service Company (AGPS) has awarded Ansaldo Energia a service contract at the “Taweelah Initial B” (IB) and “Initial B Extension” (IBE) power plants, located in the Taweelah Power and Water Complex about 70km from the city of Abu Dhabi.  The Taweelah B Power Plant supplies 2,000MW of net capacity to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and 160 Million Imperial Gallons per Day (MIGD) of net water production capacity.

The contract with Ansaldo Energia calls for a permanent maintenance staff to be provided on site and covers all scheduled overhauls plus preventive and corrective maintenance activities on the main rotating equipment of Taweelah’s IB and IBE assets only, Taweelah B’s New B Extension (NBE) power plant is not included.

The Taweelah IB power plant scope consists of six Alstom steam turbines coupled to six ABB generators while the scope of Taweelah IBE power plant is two GE Frame 9E gas turbines, one GE steam turbine and three GE generators.  Also included are the balance of plant (BoP) auxiliaries and condensers.  Ansaldo Energia will supply all required spare parts, including gas turbine flow path component repair and refurbishments.

The contract award by AGPS represents a continuation of Ansaldo Energia’s localization focus and service business growth in the Middle East.  This includes a capacity & capability expansion to Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf (ATG) Repair Center of Excellence in Abu Dhabi and the opening of our Middle East Service Support Hub in Jebal Ali. It also confirms AGPS’s confidence with Ansaldo Energia’s OSP™ multi-platform technology portfolio & shaftline capabilities in servicing other original equipment manufacturer’s power generation equipment as well as our mutual high environmental health & safety standards.