Boulder, Colo., December 10, 2012- AeriNOx (Boulder, Colorado) and its parent company, H+H Environmental Technologies (Hargesheim, Germany), announced today an agreement to supply SCR emission control systems for a new 110MW power plant to be constructed in Kansas.  The systems will reduce NOx and other emissions from twelve 10MW medium speed natural gas engines provided by a leading US-based engine manufacturer.

AeriNOx and H+H teamed up to deliver the engine manufacturer and its power generation design division comprehensive engineering and technical support to define the optimum emissions control system required to meet the project’s challenging air permit requirements.  This allowed the company to provide its Kansas power plant customer a more detailed system design, life cycle cost analysis, and assessment of greenhouse gas emissions. 

The emissions control system combines H+H’s robust Selective Catalyst Reduction System (SCR) with a high efficiency oxidation catalyst from DCL International, also a parent company of AeriNOx.  The two technologies were integrated into a common enclosure to minimize physical space claim at the power plant, maximize ease of service, and to optimize cost.  Once installed, the system will reduce NOx and CO emissions as much as 92%, making the power plant one of the lowest emitting natural gas facilities in North America. 

AeriNOx will participate in commissioning the SCR units and provide customer support to both engine manufacturer and power plant operator, ensuring low emissions over long-term operation of the facility.  According to Michael Heck, Managing Director of H+H, “This project represents a milestone for H+H and our partner AeriNOx.  It is very gratifying knowing we are considered trusted partners in this very important endeavor.”

“This is a critical project for us, and we are very excited to work with the engine manufacturer and its power generation design division towards a successful outcome”, stated Michael Readey, President of AeriNOx.  “We established an excellent working relationship with both groups during the initial phase of the effort, and I’m looking forward to being an important part of the team during the implementation phase of the project with the end-customer.”

The 110MW power plant will be located in Grant County Kansas, and is designed to offset the power fluctuations from a regional wind farm to supply customers a stable power source derived from ultra-low emission sources.  Construction of the facility will begin in early 2013, and is expected to go online in 2014.

About AeriNOx
AeriNOx is an environmental engineering company supplying reliable and cost-competitive emissions solutions to the North American stationary engine markets.  Our focus is the reduction of NOx and other emissions from large diesel and natural gas engines through a comprehensive systems approach based on SCR technology.  AeriNOx is a partnership between DCL International and H+H Environmental Technologies (Umwelt & Industrietechnik).  Combining the best of both international companies, AeriNOx leverages over five decades of expertise in the industry, with thousands of successful installations in a wide variety of markets.  AeriNOx is based in Boulder, Colorado.  For more information on AeriNOx, please visit

About H+H
H+H Environmental Technologies (Umwelt & Industrietechnik) GmbH provides custom-engineered SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) emission control systems for NOx reduction.  It is one of the largest suppliers of SCR in the marine, power generation and greenhouse markets, and is known throughout the world for their system’s reliable operation.  H+H is headquartered in Hargesheim, Germany.  For more information on H+H, please visit

About DCL International:
DCL International Inc. is a leader in emissions control solutions for off-highway vehicles, stationary engines, industrial processes and specialized on-highway vehicles.  Headquartered in Concord, Ontario Canada, DCL supplies to world leading engine manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket retrofit.  For more information about DCL, visit