GAS POWER Direct [September 19, 2018]

Select Boiler Chemistry in the Design Phase of Project Life

On many combined cycle projects, the major decisions about boiler chemistry are left until after the plant has been designed, equipment is procured, and construction is well underway. However, the…

MHPS Marks Third Major U.S. Gas-Turbine Milestone in Recent Months

NTE Energy on August 28 formally began operations of its 475-MW Kings Mountain Energy Center (KMEC) natural gas–fired plant in Cleveland County, North Carolina, marking the third major milestone in…

Egypt Brings New Natural Gas and Wind Power Plants Online

New natural gas-fired power plants and wind farms are part of Egypt’s strategy to increase the country’s power generation by at least 50%. It began delivering on that plan in July as it brought three

Natural Gas: Clear Skies, Some Clouds on the Horizon

Horizontal drilling technology and fracking techniques have created a natural gas revolution in the U.S. The future looks bright for gas-fired power generation but there are three potential storm clouds that

EPA Schedules One Hearing on Proposed ACE Rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on September 10 announced it will hold one hearing to get input from the public and stakeholders on its Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule,…

A Reimagined Power Future Enabled by Digital Technologies

The power industry is changing and leading companies are turning to digital technologies to revolutionize their operations. Monitoring and diagnostics centers are leveraging vast amounts of data from around

Moving from Preventive to Predictive Maintenance with Advanced Analytics

Predictive maintenance is preferred over preventive maintenance for critical assets, but the correct application of advanced analytics is required to realize full value. Power plants of all types have a host