GAS POWER Direct [Sept., 15, 2015]

Controlling Schedule, Quality, and Costs for New Gas-Fired Plants

Gas-fired power is hot, at least in North America, and quite a few smaller utilities and generators that have never owned a gas turbine plant have begun looking at building…

GE Clears Final Hurdles for Acquisition of Alstom

European Union (EU) officials have approved General Electric's (GE's) $9.5 billion acquisition of Alstom's power business, but conditions to which the two companies agreed to cement the deal will drastically…

TOP PLANTS: IPP3, Amman, Jordan

Sharing borders with Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria, and Iraq, Jordan sits in a very precarious part of the world. To make matters worse, the country’s economy is among the smallest in the Middle East. Chronic

Putting a 650-MW Gas Plant Online in Egypt Within Five Months

Power-strapped Egypt’s first fast-track natural gas–fired project was completed in a record 159 days from groundbreaking to commissioning this July. The 650-MW Attaqa Simple Cycle Power Plant near Suez

TOP PLANTS: Qurayyah Combined Cycle Power Plant, Qurayyah, Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing major population growth over the next several decades and, with it, rapidly growing electricity demand. In 2013, the country generated 292.2 TWh of electricity, which

NV Energy: Warren Buffett’s Plan for a Structural Power Shift

Warren Buffett bought Nevada’s NV Energy two years ago, a move widely seen as a play for solar and renewable generation. That’s working out. But as the company transitions away…