GAS POWER Direct [July 18, 2018]

NRG Ends Effort to Repower Dunkirk Plant

NRG Energy will not restart its Dunkirk power plant in western New York, with the company on July 11 saying the cost to reconnect the facility to the state’s electric…

Benefits of Single-Shaft Combined Cycle Power Plants

In recent years, the use of single-shaft combined cycle power plants has steadily increased in the U.S. While multi-shaft configurations are advantageous in certain scenarios—for example, when layout flexibility or…

GE Part of $5.8 Billion Investment in Bangladesh

GE Power and the government of Bangladesh on July 11 announced two major power generation deals, with GE part of joint ventures involving power plants along with oil and liquefied…

Developments in Energy Storage Could Spell the End of the Duck Curve

The duck curve is named for its resemblance to a duck, with its peaks and valleys highlighting the effect solar production has on the power demanded from thermal generators and hydropower resources throughout

Lubrication: Optimizing the Performance of Today's Gas Turbines

Modern gas turbines are designed to deliver more power and greater efficiencies. Several manufacturers, including GE, Siemens, and others, have established new marks for efficiency over the past year, reaching

China Tabs Siemens as Partner on Gas Turbines

Siemens on July 9 said it has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work with China’s State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) on heavy-duty gas turbines. Siemens said it will support…

Trends and Obstacles in the Power Industry Workforce

Baby boomers are retiring, unemployment is low, skilled craft workers are in short supply, and human resources in the workforce are a growing issue for power industry management. “Demography is destiny.”

EPA Chief Pruitt Resigns; Former Coal Lobbyist Takes Helm

Scott Pruitt, chosen by President Donald Trump to lead the Environmental Protection Agency despite repeated lawsuits against the agency when he served as Oklahoma’s attorney general, resigned as EPA director…

Water-Capturing Cooling Tower Technology Makes Headway at MIT

A cooling tower water recovery system designed by engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) could capture water from power plant fogs and plumes, potentially rendering them into a source