GAS POWER Direct [June 20, 2018]

Restructuring on Horizon for Siemens and GE

Siemens and General Electric, two rivals battling financial problems due to fewer orders for their flagship energy products and services, could each announce major restructuring moves in the coming weeks,…

Siemens' CEO: Sale of Turbine Unit Just 'Media Speculation'

Siemens Chief Executive Joe Kaeser on June 19 said reports last week that the German engineering company was considering a sale of its gas turbines manufacturing unit are "media speculation."…

Power Plant Efficiency: A Key to Profitable Performance

Building power plants is only the first step to generating success. Running plants efficiently, and consistently improving efficiency as they run, is the path to putting profits on the bottom line. Building

Distributed Gas Generation: Big Power in Small(er) Packages

The traditional electricity grid is being transformed, as more businesses look to control their costs by producing their own power. A need for reliable backup power, the push for more resiliency in generation

Improving Plant Efficiency with Pump Performance and Condition Monitoring

All the elements necessary to implement a complete and economical pump monitoring system are now available. It’s simply a matter of assembling the pieces. Within the walls of a thermal generating plant using

Analysts: Coal Generation Will Plummet More Than 70%

About half the world’s power will be generated by wind and solar resources by 2050. Generation from coal will drop more than 70% from today’s levels. That’s according to research…

Disaster Response: How Power Generators Prepare to Weather the Storm

Natural disasters can strike anywhere, and the events of recent years—hurricanes, flooding rains, bomb cyclones—have ramped up the efforts of utilities to prepare for extreme weather. Power companies are