GAS POWER Direct [Apr. 12, 2017]

Reducing Cycling Damage to Combined Cycle Steam Turbines

Cycling a combined cycle plant places additional stresses on all equipment, but the impacts extend beyond the gas turbine and heat recovery steam generator. Plant owners and managers are beginning to see

States Not Obligated to Spend Resources on Clean Power Plan Compliance, Pruitt Says

State governors are not obligated to spend resources to comply with the Clean Power Plan, which has been stayed by the Supreme Court, a "guidance" letter from Environmental Protection Agency…

Using Rotor-In Major Inspections to Shorten Outages and Drive Safety

Today, some F-class operators continue to opt for rotor-out major inspections, which are cumbersome and inefficient. They involve complex lifts and moves of the rotor, as well as the need for substantial space

Dissimilar-Metal Weld Is a Misnomer

Most combined cycle professionals understand that a joint between grade 91 steel and an austenitic stainless steel is considered a dissimilar-metal weld. For that reason, it requires special welding

Draft Trump Budget Proposes Major Cuts in EPA, DOE Programs

The Trump administration released a blueprint of its proposed 2018 budget on March 16, likely setting off a major battle with Congress. The budget proposal, “America First: A Budget Blueprint…

High-Performance Oil Reduces Varnish and Saves Money for Gas Turbine Power Plant

Varnish buildup in oil systems and components can degrade performance and cause erratic valve operation. Some experts have conducted research and formulated new lubricants that could help solve those problems.…