GAS POWER Direct [March 17, 2015]

Are Flexible Generation Plants Performing as Expected?

The Lodi Energy Center (LEC) is a 296-MW 1 x 1 combined cycle plant in Lodi, Calif., just north of Stockton and east of the San Joaquin River delta (Figure 1). From the outside, there’s little to distinguish

Protecting Steam Cycle Components During Low-Load Operation of Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plants

Originally, the modern combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) unit was developed to act as a largely baseload source of generation due to its high thermal efficiency and low initial capital cost. But as markets

GE Tops 50% Engine Efficiency as Gas Engine Market Heats Up

GE Power & Water announced Mar. 5 that it had achieved 50.1% gas-fired J920 FleXtra reciprocating engine during a test run at the Jenbacher facility in Austria. This is the…

U.S., Netherlands Harness Waste Gases for Distributed Generation

Methane emissions are garnering increasing attention because of their potential impact on the climate. Though far less methane is released to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, methane has 20 to 25 times the

A Handheld Fuel Cell Generator

After decades of potential but limited deployment, fuel cells are beginning to carve out a role in grid-scale generation (see “59-MW Fuel Cell Park Opening Heralds Robust Global Technology Future” in the

West Virginia Combined Cycle Plant Will Be First to Burn Ethane and Natural Gas

On Monday, the West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC) approved the siting certificate for Moundsville Power LLC to construct a 549-MW combined cycle natural gas power plant in Marshall County.…

Entergy's Ninemile 6 Plant Completes Construction

Entergy Louisiana’s two-unit, 560-MW combined cycle plant in Westwego, La., just outside New Orleans, completed construction on Dec. 26, both under budget and several months ahead of its original schedule