COAL POWER Direct [Nov. 8, 2017]

Improve Power Plant Efficiency Using Design Documents and Five Basic Parameters

Power plants are designed to operate at their highest efficiency. Once a plant goes into operation, however, real life takes over and sometimes design outcomes are not regularly realized. Improving plant

India Launches Probe of Power Plant Blast; Death Toll at 36

India’s Power Ministry has established a committee to investigate the November 1 explosion at NTPC’s thermal power plant in Unchahar. The death toll from the blast is at 36, and…

Beleaguered Eskom Starts Up Kusile's First Supercritical Coal Unit

Africa’s first major coal-fired power unit to implement flue gas desulfurization (FGD) has been completed nearly a year earlier than expected.  South Africa’s state-owned utility Eskom brought Kusile 1

The U.S.’s War on Coal Is Purported to Be Over—What About the Rest of the World?

The Trump administration unabashedly supports coal, and regulations designed to phase out its use in U.S. power production are being reviewed. But while other nations continue to rely on coal…

Advanced Cleanup Practices for Alloy 2205 FGD Absorbers

It was less than a decade ago that the power industry was enthusiastic about the new Duplex Stainless 2205 Alloy being used in the construction of wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) vessels. The alloy appeared

IEA Says Southeast Asia Will Keep Coal Demand High

The International Energy Agency (IEA) says the need for cheap electricity in Southeast Asia will drive global demand for coal for power generation through 2040, even as many countries continue…

Mitigating and Managing J-Seal Failure Risks in Turbine Steam Path Systems

J-seals are an integral part of efficient steam turbine operation. The failure of a J-seal can cause significant damage to the turbine rotor as material migrates downstream. For that reason, plant staff should