COAL POWER Direct [Aug. 9, 2017]

Judge Rules TVA Must Move Gallatin Coal Ash

A federal judge on August 4 said the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) must dig up coal ash at one of its power plants and move it to a lined waste…

Capturing Carbon and Seizing Innovation: Petra Nova Is POWER's Plant of the Year

Winning POWER’s highest honor, the U.S.’s first and world’s largest commercial post-combustion carbon capture system at a power plant is distinctively both a globally significant environmental

A Proactive Program to Mitigate Coal Dust Reduces the Risk of Explosions

Coal, by its very nature, is a dusty fuel. That poses a serious risk at coal-fired power plants, because coal dust can be highly explosive. However, actions can be taken to reduce the risk. Implementing strict

Dominion Ordered to Revise Plan for Coal Ash at Chesapeake

A spokesman for Dominion Energy said the company will begin working on a new plan for dealing with leaking piles of coal ash at a retired coal plant in Virginia…

Market Dynamics Are Complicated as Coal Battles Natural Gas

Several factors favor natural gas when it comes to the future of U.S. power generation. But other forces, such as power demand, energy efficiency, and the impact of renewables, make it a complex fray. Let’s

Paris Accord: Fact or Fiction?

Is the highly-touted 2015 Paris climate accord substantive or merely international slight-of-hand? In a new paper in the British journal Nature, a group of six international scholars, led by David…

The Importance of Maintaining Fly Ash Hopper Bin Level Monitoring

The power industry has a critical need to measure the bin level inside fly ash hoppers under electrostatic precipitators (ESPs). The inherent problem associated with these hoppers is that they are usually