COAL POWER Direct [Apr. 5, 2017]

Enhanced Boiler Defense Strategies for an Aging Coal Fleet

Cyclic operating conditions can be problematic for many coal-fired power plants that were designed to run as baseload units. Implementing a combustion and boiler performance management program can help ensure

Who Has the World's Most Efficient Coal Power Plant Fleet?

A comparison of coal power plant fleets from China, the European Union (EU), Japan, and the U.S. by the International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) Clean Coal Centre yields surprising insights into efforts these

States Not Obligated to Spend Resources on Clean Power Plan Compliance, Pruitt Says

State governors are not obligated to spend resources to comply with the Clean Power Plan, which has been stayed by the Supreme Court, a "guidance" letter from Environmental Protection Agency…

Simplify Outage Planning to Increase Collaboration

Many elaborate planning tools are available to help managers prepare for power plant outages. However, there is something to be said for keeping things simple. One modest tool that some NRG Energy facilities

Trump Signs Energy Independence Executive Order

Surrounded by coal miners, industry leaders, the secretaries of Energy and the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator, and the vice president, President Donald Trump on March 28 signed…

Dissimilar-Metal Weld Is a Misnomer

Most combined cycle professionals understand that a joint between grade 91 steel and an austenitic stainless steel is considered a dissimilar-metal weld. For that reason, it requires special welding