Summer 2018
Corporate Capabilities Report

By POWER Partners

Jupiter® JM4: Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

Magnetrol® International’s Jupiter® Model JM4 magnetostrictive level transmitter is available as a direct insertion option, as well as an external mount on any MAGNETROL magnetic level indicator (MLI) or modular instrumentation bridle. With an improved design, unparalleled performance, and a collection of new and innovative features, the JM4 provides safer, simpler, and smarter measurement in total and interface level applications.

Leading Edge Hardware and Software

The JM4 is engineered to be the smartest, most innovative magnetostrictive transmitter available with numerous enhancements, including greater signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), a full graphic local user interface, HART 7.0 (Foundation fieldbus available), local waveform capture, and a more intuitive device type manager (DTM) allowing for remote configuration, trending, and diagnostics.

Field Rotatable and Removable Transmitter Head

The JM4 is the first magnetostrictive transmitter in the industry to offer a field-removable and rotatable head, which allows for simpler transmitter maintenance and troubleshooting without disrupting the process. 310° of head rotation provides users with greater accessibility to operate the JM4’s on-board graphical interface.

Smart Probe

The JM4 also features Smart Probe technology. When any JM4 transmitter head is attached to a probe, a single push of a button imports factory configuration settings into the head making the transmitter ready for operation.

Remote Mount Option

Jupiter now offers a remote mount option. Available in 3- and 12-ft. lengths, the transmitter head is attached to the probe via a flexible cable, allowing for easier viewing under various spatial constraints.

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Tension not Torque

Often torque is incorrectly used as an indicator that sufficient bolt tension has been achieved. Since torque is the twisting force or effort it takes to spin a nut along the threads of a bolt, it is adversely affected by friction. Factors common to job sites - dirt, rust, rain, poor storage, damaged threads, or poor lubrication - will consume available torque and leave bolts loose, compromising structural design.

DTIs are Mechanical Load Cells

Direct Tension Indicators (DTIs) indicate tension using bump compression generated directly during tightening independent of torque. Since the bumps must physically compress under actual clamp load, DTIs are the only tensioning method verifying that bolts have achieved the required tension, as inspected with a feeler gage.

DuraSquirt DTIs indicate bolt tension visually, without feeler gages. DuraSquirt DTIs allow for 100% easy inspection when installed in accordance with (RCSC) Specification for Structural Joints Using High Strength Bolts section 2.6.2 (AISC 16.2-15, 2.6.2). Conscientious engineers and erectors specify ASTM/ASME compliant *DuraSquirt DTIs to ensure connection design, and improve constructability. Inspection can occur on any schedule.

DuraSquirt DTIs can be used either under the bolt head or under the nut with a hardened flat washer.

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A First-of-a-Kind NDE Innovation

Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of a new Ultrasonic Testing (UT) service to the power generation industry. This new service offering is based on LATITUDE™, a revolutionary non-mechanized position and orientation encoding system designed for use with UT nondestructive examination equipment, enabling our operators to collect high-quality encoded data while utilizing a manual examination process. In addition, LATITUDE requires less equipment, fewer people, shorter setup time and runs on battery power. SI provides LATITUDE UT services for the following power generation applications:

  • DISSIMILAR METAL WELDS – LATITUDE is the basis of a new procedure for the examination of dissimilar metal welds in nuclear power plants. The procedure, SI-UT-217, was qualified by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in accordance with the rigorous demands of the ASME Code Section XI, Appendix VIII and the Performance Demonstration Initiative (PDI) requirements.
  • CORROSION MAPPING - LATITUDE, when coupled with the use of a PAUT corrosion mapping probe, enables the encoding of high-resolution thickness data while manually manipulating the inspection probe, resulting in a composite thickness map that requires little to no post-processing for analysis.
  • ASME CODE EXAMINATIONS – LATITUDE UT techniques meet the specific requirements specified the ASME Code, including Section III and XI, B31.1, and B31.3.
  • GENERIC WELD EXAMINATIONS – LATITUDE presents a new opportunity to encode manual where the use of automated or other mechanical encoding methods are impractical or cost prohibitive. It has been used for the examination of girth and seam welds and can be deployed with phased-array UT (PAUT), time-of-flight-diffraction (TOFD), and a range of other NDE technologies.
  • FLAW CHARACTERIZATION – Structural Integrity can quickly deploy a LATITUDE to confirm and characterize the size of a flaw. The encoded data can then be used by Structural Integrity to support engineering disposition of the flaw.

Structural Integrity is changing the way in which NDE Data is acquired with a focus on providing added value to its clients.

For more information on LATITUDE, please go to If you are interested in discussing how this revolutionary technology can help benefit you plant, please contact us at 877-4SI-POWER.

Doosan Škoda Power – the provider of state-of-the-art solutions for the power industry

Newly-built fossil fuels units are mostly heading towards burning natural gas combined with so-called green gas, which is created from the excess electricity generated by renewable resources. Nuclear power certainly has its place in the future power industry portfolio, too.

For such power plants, Doosan Škoda Power delivers steam turbines, which are highly efficient and reliable in operation, in the DST S10, 20, 30 module lines and the DST N line for nuclear power plants. These machines have been designed to have 3000 revolutions per minute and an output of up to 1200 MW.

Presently, there is a growing demand for so-called industrial steam turbines which are solved as condensing extraction or back pressure turbines. They are largely in demand for incineration plants and in various branches of industry where combined heat and power (CHP) can be delivered. For these purposes we have put together the DST G10, 20, 30 lines of machines, with a gearbox between the turbine and generator with outputs of 5 – 60 MW, and the DST S10 line with outputs a direct coupled turbine and generator c.

Along side generator drives we deliver compressor and pump drives, which are variable speed machines in the DST V line.

Thanks to our own development we can design solutions for the utilization of geothermal, solar and residual heat resources.

We offer rebuilds of existing units with high added value for operators. We have our in-house designers, qualified engineers and managers, who are able to deliver whole machine halls

Prevent Downtime Due To Freeze-ups

Energy and industrial facilities utilize ThermOmegaTech’s® innovative freeze protection valve technology because it keeps water bearing equipment from freezing before serious damage and downtime can occur. Prior to this technology, companies relied on manually opening valves for freeze protection which allows for human error or plugging of partially cracked valves.

Applications for ThermOmegaTech’s® self-actuated thermostatic valves include freeze protection for:

  • piping & valves
  • condensate systems
  • fire lines
  • safety showers
  • and other freeze sensitive equipment

These self-actuating valves can be used as the primary protection or a fail-safe backup and are especially valuable when installed at remote sites because they require no outside power source to operate.

ThermOmegaTech® is a world leader in the design and manufacture of self-actuating temperature control technology. It’s state-of-the-art valves and technology have been proven in thousands of industrial applications for over 35 years. All products are made in the U.S.A. ThermOmegaTech® is an ISO 9001 company.

353 Ivyland Road
Warminster, PA 18974
Phone: 877-379-8258

LinkedIn: /company/therm-omega-tech-inc
Twitter: @thermomegatech

Wind energy powers factories, generates savings

Fortune500 companies are finding substantial savings on their power bills by generating their own electricity. Yes, it’s renewable. No, it’s not solar. These large manufacturing companies are powering up to 70% of their facilities with wind energy — through 405-foot wind turbines in their back yards.

At One Energy Enterprises LLC, we have been developing wind projects for world-class industrial energy consumers for years through Wind for Industry. CEO Jereme Kent created this process by combining individual features from traditional wind energy concepts into a whole new idea. Wind for Industry uses the same turbines from big wind farms, installing just 1-3 at the customer’s site and feeding the electrons directly to the facility, thus reducing the amount of power the plant requires from the grid. This translates to immediate power bill savings.

As a One Energy customer, not only do you see immediate savings, but by utilizing our on-site PPA, you receive a fixed rate for the electricity produced by the turbines for the 20-year life of the contract. Forget paying a green premium to“support” renewable energy — with One Energy, you’ll realize the cost benefits of your energy project from the first day of operation. Wind for Industry truly is hassle-free for the customer; all you do is pay for the power you receive. One Energy handles all financing, development, engineering, procurement, construction, and operation of each wind project. We manufacture the project from start to finish, we assume the risk, you enjoy cost savings and 20 years of rate stability.

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Reduce corrosion with smart water system analytics

Half of all unscheduled power plant shutdowns can be traced back to water cycle chemistry issues that cause damage to expensive plant components and lost operating revenue. More importantly, the damage from poorly managed water chemistry can impact plant safety, making it critical to monitor and control contamination to meet recommended industry guidelines and turbine warranty requirements for minimizing corrosion.

Optimal control depends on accurate and reliable analytical measurements from on-line sensors and analyzers. And to ensure instrumentation accuracy, properly calibrated and maintained instrumentation is vital.

With over fifty years of pure and ultra pure water experience, METTLER TOLEDO understands exactly what is required to achieve high efficiency power generation. We offer a full range of innovative, continuous, on-line measurement solutions for key water parameters that include: specific, cation and degassed cation conductivity, resistivity, pH/ORP, total organic carbon, dissolved oxygen, sodium, silica, chloride and sulfate.

Our instrumentation is equipped with Intelligent Sensor Management(ISM) predictive diagnostics to ensure optimal sensor performance during operation. Additionally, our multi-parameter, multi-channel M800 Transmitter has a unique algorithm that predicts resin exhaustion and advanced calculated functions such CO2, ammonia, and pH for complete water chemistry control.

With smart and reliable analytical instrumentation to help you immediately detect trace contamination, you can take preventative action to minimize corrosion risks and avoid unplanned shutdowns.

METTLER TOLEDO’s complete power plant water analytics overview can be downloaded in their recently released power industry capabilities brochure:


TEiC Construction Services leads the market for direct-hire, on-site construction services for the installation, repair, alteration, and maintenance of boilers and boiler related equipment. Serving a wide range of capabilities and experience with a wide variety of industries, including power generation, petrochemical, chemical, steel, pulp & paper, refuse, and industrial processing, TEiC adopted an integrated management approach for all projects, whether turnkey or labor only. This enables effective coordination of all facets of every project, including planning and procurement, tooling, fabrication, installation, and commissioning—all backed by customer service that is second to none.

TEiC provides on-site outage services, installation, alteration, mechanical repair and maintenance services for a broad selection of steam generation equipment, regardless of make or model including:

  • Steam Generation Equipment
  • Pressure Parts
  • Burners/Stokers
  • Piping
  • Insulation/Lagging
  • Scrubbers
  • Precipitators
  • Ductwork/Casing/ Hoppers
  • Steel/Walkways
  • Air Heaters (Regenerative and Tubular)
  • Evaporators
  • Fans/Pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Feedwater Heaters
  • Condensers
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems
  • Rotating Equipment
  • And More

When it comes to on-site construction or maintenance services of some of the most sophisticated and complex boiler-related projects, TEiC places the safety, health and security of its people at the core of company values. With a multi-faceted safety program that includes training, processes and controls, TEiC has achieved an extraordinary safety record.

TEiC operates as a national company with strong regional focus. In conjunction with our sister companies, we have service centers and capabilities around the country, including Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, and California, so we are always close by to most major industrial/power centers.

Our team is our most valuable resource, generating solutions every day to deliver safe, clean, reliable energy. From innovation to generation, TEiC is committed to operating with integrity and excellence.

Cleaver-Brooks Delivers HRSG Solutions

Cleaver-Brooks, a world-renowned source of boiler room products and complete system solutions, is committed to helping its customers and the industry reduce energy usage, costs and environmental impact. As part of its portfolio, the company offers customized, packaged heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) solutions, including its Max-FireSeries, Slant & VC Series and Modular HRSG Series. Each provides a distinctive solution for a wide range of heat recovery applications.

The Max-Fire boiler incorporates an integral furnace in a single, shop-assembled, packaged HRSG design. The use of the unique membrane wall/water-cooled furnace technology allows it to be fired up to 2,800 °F while avoiding the useof high-maintenance refractory. This boiler design allows the user to maximize the steam output from the boiler with a given flue gas input. It is capable of steam flows as high as 300,000 lb/hr.

The Slant & VC Series boilers are ideal for applications where the gas side inlet temperature is less than 1,700 °F. With a single-pass design, this series allows the boiler system to be optimized to fit in a variety of space limitations. With options for a top or side outlet, these boiler systems are designed to maximize operation while fitting in the smallest and most economical footprint. The Slant & VC Series also is suitable for applications where an SCR or CO catalyst must be incorporated to meet today’s stringent environmental permitting requirements.

Maximizing shop assembly and minimizing field work, the Modular HRSG Series is designed to accommodate exhaust from combustion turbines greater than 15 M We output or greater than 400,000 lb/hr of gas flow. It is capable of steam flows from 10,000 to more than 1,000,000 lb/hr.

In addition to its expert engineering and manufacturing teams, the company has a dedicated alliance of factory-trained representatives who can be utilized for commissioning, emergency local service, maintenance and after market support.

To locate a representative, visit or call (800) 250-5883.

Cleaver-Brooks Max-Fire HRSG solution

Cleaver-Brooks Max-Fire HRSG solution

MAN Energy Solutions Comes into Being

Three questions to Uwe Lauber, CEO of MAN Energy Solutions

As of June 26 th, 2018, the former MAN Diesel & Turbo has changed its name in connection with the introduction of a new company strategy.

How does the rebranding reflect a new company strategy?

UL: It embodies the strategic and technological transformation of the company. We are expanding our range to include hybrid, storage and digital service technologies and, in doing so, are positioning ourselves as a solution supplier for the giant challenge facing both economy and society: the transition to aclimate-neutral economy by the middle of this century.

What do you mean by ‘Energy Solutions’?

UL: That term connects our entire portfolio. While the power plant sector may be the first to come to mind, ‘Energy Solutions’ also stands for corresponding solutions in the maritime and other industrial sectors.

In which markets will MAN Energy Solutions be active?

UL: The three sectors – marine transport, energy generation and the industry business – will remain central to us as they will remain central to the global economy. It is these sectors, where emission reductions have to be achieved to make the perspective of  aclimate neutral economy come true.